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Erik GETS Alex more than Charles ever could. Charles' power doesn't destroy everything around him. Charles hasn't (to our knowledge) killed anyone with his power. If you look at Erik's comic history, his powers were dormant for years while he was married with a daughter. Then his powers activate again and set off a chain reaction that ended with his daughter and most of the town dead and his wife leaving him. I have a headcanon that ERIK was the one who insisted they go after Alex in FC

I agree with everything except that Charles’ ability doesn’t destroy. Charles’ ability could ruin lives with nothing more than a thought or slight stray of concentration (much like Alex’s ability… the only similarity I can find between the two men). Charles wouldn’t even mean to and he could destroy everything (and in comic terms, Charles has done some downright awful, disturbing stuff on purpose abusing his abilities).



I can really see Erik picking Alex. I think pretty much all the recruits were handpicked by Charles via a mix of group compatibility, how much they needed help, and proximity. Everyone else blends together nicely, but Alex is a bit of a blind side: aggressive, closed off, mean, doesn’t seem to make any effort to get along with the others (not until Darwin no doubt spent a week coaxing a smile out of Mr. Grumpy Pants).

Alex, I completely agree with you, was definitely Erik’s choice.

Without Erik I feel like Alex wouldn’t have been in First Class, not because Charles was evil and judging Alex, but because Charles is a pretty practical guy. Alex would have most likely been on the ‘No’ list to be honest, again not out of spite but practicality. Charles’ ‘No’ list was probably more a ‘People to find and help later after this thing has been sorted out but aren’t suitable candidates for this mission’.

I’m now picturing Erik being asked to pick someone, since Charles has chosen the others, and he picks up the wrong list.

Charles being all “um Erik wrong list, it’s this one-”

“Him” Erik would say, pointing at Alex’s name, ability and rough personality overview.

“Really? Isn’t he a bit…”

“I want him on this task force”

“Erik, think about this. As much as I wish we could, right now it’s just not plausible. We need these people to be able to work as a team and Mr Summer’s has a reputatio-”

“I want him”



“Pick someone else”

“No. Him”

“He’s got the highest record for fighting inmates and guards in the entire prison!”

“… Even better”

“You’re not going to choose anyone else are you?”

“No- and I know you’re going to let me have this”

“Really, how do you know that then?”

“He needs us”

Charles screws up his face because for FUCKSSAKE Erik’s got him there, hook line and sinker with only three words. He can’t let a kid rot in prison, terrified of himself, for a crime he didn’t mean to commit done in self defense and the defense of his sister, when Charles could do something to help him…

And thus Erik managed to get one of the worst candidates for the team on the team.


X-Men Meme: [1/8 quotes]

Never again was a slogan used by Jewish activists in the 1960s and 1970s, stating that they would never again allow the indiscriminate slaughter of Jewish people which occurred during the Holocaust. It condemns both the historical occurrences of genocide and the intolerant ideology which gave rise to them. It pledges that Jewish people would never again be killed merely for being Jewish.


Charles Xavier + strengths & flaws