Atom SneakPeak from clovis gay on Vimeo.

Buy it on : kinematiclab.com

tutorial : vimeo.com/125819240

Atom is a new geometry plugin for 3dsmax.

It creates similar effects as you can see in After Effect’s Plexus.

Atom uses Particle Flow to generate lines, points and faces between the particles.
So all you do with Pflow can be used by Atom, any simulation, MassFX particles…etc

The result is refreshed when the particles are updated so that’s a non destructive workflow.

You have control over the number of lines, the search distance…etc
All the parameters are animatable.
You can use a multimaterial to shade it.

That’s a geometry so you can also deform it, smooth it…etc

You can bake complex Atom objects using Alembic(prefer the free Exocortex Crate plugin) or Xmesh.