Bright Eyed Girl | Closed RP with xmenirissilver

Logan was back in Canada, taking a hiatus away from the school. Even reluctant superheroes needed a break every now and then…and he was no exception.

He felt like he’d gone from being a wandering loner to school teacher with the weight of the world on his shoulders overnight. He needed a break. A break from the teenagers and the constant pressure to do the right thing. He wanted to get his hands dirty for the hell of it, eat beef four times a day and drink hard liquor. Those were all things they frowned upon at the school, so he decided to take a break to just be the ornery, cursing, meat-eating, whiskey-drinking asshole he used to be.

Of course, he’d go back in a few weeks. He always did.

Logan had just stepped out of a dingy bar to enjoy a cigar away from the chattering waitresses and drunk lumberjacks. As soon as he took the first drag, he saw a small figure hovering in the darkness just a few feet away.

Directions || Steve and Iris

Steve was walking through the city on his way to Stark Tower. It still amazed him how the city had (relatively speaking) changed so little. Of course, the buildings were different, and Times Square certainly wasn’t the same as it was in the forties, but the streets were all the same, and he could still find his way around just fine. He insisted on walking everywhere because car traffic was too heavy, and he liked the exercise.

He was stopped at a cross walk when he felt a timid tap on his shoulder. Steve turned around to see a young woman looking up at him. Oh no, he thought, not another girl with a crush. Will they ever stop? “Hello, ma'am,” he said warily. “Can I help you with anything?”

Broken and Bitter | Closed RP with xmenirissilver

Logan stayed away from the school for about a year. He called to check on her every week, but every time he called, he had to get a secondhand account of how she was doing from Storm, the professor or Marie. They made up excuses as to why she wouldn’t come to the phone. She was sleeping, in class, eating, out with friends…always an excuse.

Finally, eight months in, Marie stopped bothering with excuses and gave it to him straight. She sighed into the phone sadly, “Sorry, sugah…she doesn’t wanna talk to ya…”

“Yeah. I know”, he said sadly. “Just an idiot hopin’ that might change one of these days.”

Marie felt awful for him, “Why don’t you just come back?”

“I will…in a while. I don’t wanna get in the way of her growin’ up.”

“I understand. Talk to ya soon.”

Three months later, Logan pulled the bike back into the garage and put the kickstand down before slowly venturing into the mansion. Truth be told…he was nervous about seeing her. He’d left for her own good, but somehow, he was sure that, like a normal teenaged girl, she’d refuse to see it that way…and that was exactly why he left. She needed to grow up.

Logan knew one year wasn’t enough, but he couldn’t stay away, and Magneto and the Brotherhood had been pretty active, so Charles needed all hands on deck.

He walked into the mansion’s cafeteria and looked around, hoping to spot her.

Meeting A God (Iris Silver & Loki)

Iris left home sneaking out alone into the night. She clutched to her backpack nervously as she walked down the lonely road, following signs that pointed her toward New York City. As she walked to what it seemed like hours, she decided to try and find somewhere to rest. 

There were Inns that she could stay in, but she was nervous to have something or someone trigger her mutation. She decided to walk past these Inns and find an open meadow not to far from the freeway she needed to continue walking down. She put down her backpack to use as a pillow as she laid down staring into the night sky. Everything seemed so peaceful and calm. She was gently being lulled to sleep by the sounds of crickets and the light breeze running through the tall grass field.

But that all was interrupted when she heard a crash and an explosion of some sort. She quickly sat up looking at the freeway to find two trucks had crashed into one another leaving them in flames. As she continued to watch the wreck there was one single man that seemed to be walking away from it all unharmed. He had a large cape and a walking stick and he was coming towards her. Iris’ heart began racing and she could feel herself become cool from panic. Frost started to form around her as she sat there in fear, hoping the man didn’t come near enough to make her freeze him on accident. 

Guardian of the Night

Iris had fallen asleep in a truck that had picked her up some highway heading towards New York City, which she aimed to go to. She ran away from home, hoping she’d find someone who could point her in the right direction to Dr. Xavier’s famous school for gifted youngsters. Her mutation was ruining her life, and she’s had enough of it. She wanted it under control to be accepted by her family again, and she thought this school was her answer. 

As she slept peacefully in the faux fur covered seat, the trucker who had picked her up, couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He was in a heat, haven’t been home in weeks delivering stupid vending machines all across the Eastern Coast of this damned country had a toll on him. Plus, to make matters worse, his wife never satisfied him enough when he was home anyway, making his lustful thirst stronger than ever. He continued to glance over at Iris all the way to New York City, craving to touch her smooth pale skin or even to just smell her hair more deeply than just the subtle hint of strawberries he was picking up from her. Once they arrived he knew he had to let her go on her merry way and do whatever the hell she needed to do. He turned to her about to touch her shoulder to shake her awake, but stopped to think about his want… no his need. 

He turned back to the steering wheel quickly, turning around the truck to make his way down to Detroit, Michigan, where his shipment of vending machines he was caring were supposed to go. A rush of adrenaline went through his body as he speed down the long ribbon of highway that paved his way to Detroit. He knew with this young girl, she would satisfy his needs in a motel somewhere in the city whether she came willingly or not. He made sure to drive smoothly and turn up the heat in his truck to make her stay asleep until they reached the city. 

He was lucky that she slept for the whole drive over. It was practically the evening of the next day when they arrived to a trucker garage that had a motel next door. He grinned widely as he put the truck into park and looked over Iris. She was gorgeous to him. He was a sucker for blonds, and just looking at her made him eager. 

He let his hand gently run down her shoulder to the curve of her back. She was warm and soft. He smiled brightly feeling the sweat collect on his brow and the blood begin to rush in his veins. He slipped his hand under her shirt feeling her warm smooth skin against his own rough callous hand. 

Iris quickly stirred awake from the roughness of his hand. He pulled away letting his hands continue hover over her as she blinked rapidly, sitting up against the door of the truck looking over at the trucker who was kind enough to give her a ride. She looked up at him confused to see his hand trembling slightly over her. She looked around to see that they were in dirty trucker garage of some sort. She rubbed her eyes tiredly feeling paranoia grow in her chest causing her eyes to slowly turn a silver color. She spoke softly, “Are we here? Did we make it to the city?" 

The trucker shook his head, "No… We’re in Detroit… I… I couldn’t resist myself… You’re such a pretty young thing and you gotta understand. I’ve been on the road for weeks and my wife just doesn’t cut it out for me anymore… But you… God I know you’ll help me right?" 

Iris’ breathing picked up speed as she shook her head knowing exactly what this man wanted. She knew she should’ve tried to stay awake. She felt so stupid. She quickly hugged her knees to her chest keeping her hands, that were slowly becoming frosted, clenched so he wouldn’t notice, "Detroit? I… I have to be in New York… No… No I won’t help you. You lied to me…” Iris tried to reach behind her to quickly get the truck door open, but the trucker quickly locked it and grabbed her shoulder roughly, “You’re not running. You’re going to do what I want alright?” Iris screamed, “HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HE-” Her cries were quickly silenced when the trucker roughly covered her mouth with his rough and dirty hand. He gripped at her jaw, making sure to bruise her to show that he was serious, “Shut up… I’m serious… The more you listen the less you’ll get hurt got it?" 

Iris peered up at him flinching in pain causing one of her eyes to slowly turn green. The trucker was in such a heat, he didn’t even bother noticing these small changes in her eyes. He was too excited for that. Feeling her tremble beneath his grasp was only making him desperate for her. He moved his hand away from her mouth to grip at her jaw and pull her forward to let his lips press sloppily against hers. Iris tasted his ashy mouth being overwhelmed by his tongue forcefully making its way against hers. Tears began to fall down her face as she  tried to shake free from the man, but every time she moved his grasp on her shoulder and jaw got tighter making her scream against his lips. 

She wanted to go home. She realized running away was an awful mistake and trying to find the X-Men was the stupidest idea she’s ever had. In the midst of her thoughts and the truckers rough grab against her, the lights of the garage shut off. The trucker instantly let go of her turning on his car to beam on the headlights. He couldn’t see a thing there. He turned to Iris sneering, "Stay right where you are…” He got out of the truck walking in front, yelling out, “Hello? Anyone there? I’m still in my truck just settling some paperwork, mind turning the lights back on? Hello!?" 

Bright Eyes (Ed Wood & Iris Silver)

Ed had walked down to the coffee shop across the street from his studio to clear his head. It was a hot day in Los Angeles like it always was in the summer. He had already loosened his tie, unbuttoned a few of the buttons from his white shirt, and rolled up his sleeves, but the sun continued to beat down on him making his cheeks turn slightly red, and his slicked back black hair to hang on the sides of his face. 

As he walked in the the heat to the coffee shop he noticed there was a girl in an alley beside the shop he was about to go into. He raised an eyebrow curiously at her noticing how she was curled up in a ball hugging her knees to her chest and crying. Ed always hated to see people cry. Pity and curiosity got the best of him as he slowly ventured into the shadowed alley to crouch down slowly in front of the young girl. 

By the look of her, she seemed like a run away. Her dirty blond hair was hung in front her face like wet strings, her pale skin was obviously dirty with grime, dried blood that surrounded the many blue and green bruises around her bare arms, and her clothes were tattered.

Ed gave a friendly grin speaking softly in hopes of not frightening her, “Hey there… Don’t… Don’t be afraid, it’s alright… Curiosity gets the best of me from time to time, and I just wanted to see if you were ok?” Ed held out his hand slowly introducing himself properly, “The name’s Edward D. Wood Jr. I’m a director, actor, writer, and producer. What’s your name?" 

Help From an Iron Man (Iris Silver & Tony Stark)

Iris left her home in hopes of finding the X-Men she heard about on the news. Her hopes were high, but as she continued to walk into the night to New York City she was getting scared. She could already feel her skin get cold like it often did when she was was scared. Luckily there was a truck stop a little ways away so she could maybe hitch a ride.   

When she arrived there was a small diner filled with late night truckers drinking some coffee and talking. She sat near the door ordering only a class of water to overhear what the truckers were saying, in hopes to find out which one of them were heading into the city. It wasn’t long until a fat trucker with a Stark Industries hat stood up stretching announcing, “Well boys, I’m going to take a piss and then I’ll have to head off if I ever want to make it into the city in 5 hours.” The other men yelled out their groans wanting him to stay, but Iris snuck outside before she heard any more of it. 

Soon enough she found the large truck that read STARK INDUSTRIES on the side. It wasn’t hard to open the back and sneak herself inside. When the truck started she felt more at ease. She set her alarm on her watch to wake up in a few hours, so she could sneak out of the truck before it reached it’s final destination. 

Unfortunately her alarm wasn’t loud enough for her to wake up, and she was rudely awoken by two men opening the back truck door. They were yelling at her to get out and it only caused Iris to panic and get scared again. Her eyes turned into an icy silver and before they could grab her out of the truck she lifted her hand freezing one of the men in ice. She quickly shook her head, “No.. no no I-I’m s-sorry I-”  The other worker quickly pushed a panic button on the wall of the garage closing the doors and making an alarm go off. He also yelled in a walkey talky calling for back up and iron man. Iris never heard of Iron Man but she knew she was in trouble, but she was afraid to do anything else. She pushed herself as far back as she could inside the truck hugging her knees to her chest creating frost to gather around her waiting for her fate. 

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