Nightcrawler is the best X-Men. His personality, his backstory, his appearance–is beautiful. He pulls at my heartstrings and then can make me laugh. He made me do a second take at my life and realize that things could be way worse; and even if it was worse, that there is still hope for the future. I think any character that is able to hit a chord like that is amazing. Kurt Wagner is a beautiful person, both inside and out, and he helped me see that in other people.

I think X-Men is brilliant not because of its phenomenal characters and arcs, but because mutants are a metaphor for every group that has been persecuted or shunned by society. They represent the outsiders and the outcasts, and they all have their own ways of dealing with it, just like real people. And everyone can relate to being rejected by society at some point, which is what makes the story so immensely popular.