You looked out the window when you heard a tapping in the barred glass. You saw a familiar white haired teen smiling at you.

You glared at him because he was the reason you were here in the first place.

You couldn’t hear him through the think glass but you read his lips as he said

“I’ll get you out of here” he then zipped off in a second.

realising now that Alex Summers is probably the most relatable character in the x men films

  • he’s traumatised as fuck but acts like nothing is a big deal lets play pin ball and eat oreos
  • doesn’t care too much about jokes against himself like lol haha yeah self detrimental thoughts yay
  • is the epitome of the guy making toast who notices a nuke go off outside, shrugs and walks off
  • looks pretty bored considering he only saw the same four grey walls for who knows how long, you’d think the world would be more fascinating
  • the only times he smiles or laughs he then goes quiet and in his head is like ‘don’t laugh u fuckin mess i am worthless
  • spends most of his time in xmfc looking at other people for reassurance because he acts tough but secretly he is a fragile precious cinnamon roll
  • bitch face for days at everyone’s fuckin stupid ideas
  • got strangled and hung but like who really cares Sean sprained his ankle PROTECT SEAN
  • clearly does not give a shit that his friends are international terrorists they’ll always be rae rae and erik boo to him *pat pat*
  • does not have any tolerance for anyone’s romantic drama bullshit but at the same time has out his popcorn and deck chair
  • immediately asked where Erik was because shit is going down obvsly Erik is involved somehow
  • honestly look at any given scene Alex is in the background of. pause it. zoom in. admire the patented Done
  • manages to be the most stressed and bitter character and yet also the most chill lol you wouldn’t think he wants to fly into the sun
  • is as confused by Hank’s serum as we are and the plot holes in it
  • called a god-like asshole an asshole and prolly died thinking ‘ah ffs’

Part 1 is finally up! I know it took so much time and some of you thought that project is dead BUT GUESS WHAT! :D It isn’t! I have no idea how long I’ll need for part 2, but I can tell you it won’t be long ^^

Dogs of future past: @lynxgriffin

Jealous? - Peter Maximoff x Reader

Peter held your hand in his, his hand shaking slightly.

“So, you’re not going to race around?” You ask.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Peter smiled at you innocently.

You rolled your eyes, “Peter, all my family is in there.” You nodded at the wooden gate before you where smells of a barbeque came from.

“Yes. I know. I said I wouldn’t dream of it.” Peter quickly pecked your cheek before beginning to pull you towards the gate. An uncle held it open for the two of you.

You spent the first half hour of the family barbeque introducing Peter and making small talk.

Then James decided to come say hi.

“(Y/n)!” He pulled you into a hug.

“James!” You hadn’t seen your family friend for several years since he’d gone off to boarding school.

“You’re so tall!” You exclaimed. He was talling than Peter by far.

“You’re so beautiful! Whoever thought scruffy little (Y/n) would grow up to look like a goddess!” James grinned at you and you felt yourself blush slightly.

Then Peter was next to you, his arm around your waist pulling you close to his body.
“Some of the scruffy kids turned out better than others apparently.” Peter said, looking over James with a raised eyebrow.

James’ brows drew together. “I’m James, (Y/n)’s family friend. We’ve known each other since we were infants. We-”

“Yeah, yeah. That’s nice. I’m her boyfriend.”

You smiled slightly, finding this quite amusing.

“James, this is Peter.” You said, intervening.

James nodded and offered a hand which Peter only briefly touched.

James looked quite shocked.
“I’ll catch up later, (y/n). It was nice seeing you.” He placed a hand on your shoulder, “Yell for me if you need anything.” He leant down and placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Bye!” Peter said, straining a false smile that wasn’t fooling anyone.
He whisked you a few meters away and wrapped his arms tightly around your waist.
He cast a deathly look over his shoulder at James.

A laugh escaped your lips.

“What? He’s not that great!” Peter said quickly.

You laughed again, “Are you jealous?”

Peter frowned, “What? No, I’m not jealous.”

You smirked.

“I am not jealous!”

“If you say so Peter. I think you’re cute when you’re jealous.”

“Maybe I am then.”

“Don’t be.” You said, pressing your lips to his.

“Did he see that?” You asked.

“Yes.” Peter smirked. “He’s not cute when he’s jealous.”

He pressed his lips to yours.

“Of course he isn’t.”

Peter kissed you again and you felt yourself wondering how you got so lucky.