Oh, I... [Charles Xavier x Reader]

Request:  “So let me have the honour of being the first person who makes a request on this blog. How about… Charles. Xavier. You know ‘im. And fluff. Lots and lots of fluff. Thank you very much XD” (@akumas-perish)

Word Count: 801

Warnings: Just fluff. (:

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There were hard days at the mansion that Charles absolutely despised, yet at the same time absolutely adored.

His brain pulsing from overworking; from all the insecurities he absorbed of the students; drowning in paperwork - as the owner of the school and as a teacher. Even though he could not walk, he felt his limbs aching as well. He could only guess that the capacity of his mind wasn’t enough for all the problems of the world and - seeing as his body wasn’t exactly functional - it was a vessel for all the stress as well.

Like a cherry to the top, he felt grief – the pain of losing so much in his past. It would haunt him during nights, when he felt most vulnerable. When he finally thought that he could be careless - just at the corner of his peace was an enemy…his mind.

Charles Xavier was frustrated.

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@hailheart​ asked: what’s your favorite ship? 

request something?

here’s a thing that bugs me about the x-men movies:

every single time, magneto is the ultimate villain by the end of the film

even when they’re adapting stories where he’s an ally (god loves, man kills > x2) or not actually involved (dofp); even if it’s the very first prequel movie 

it’s never the people trying to exterminate mutantkind, even if it starts out that way

by the end of the movie - every movie - it’s the holocaust survivor they have to defeat