xmen: days of future past


(Hey guys! So this is my first ever set of headcannons. I really hope you enjoy them. Feedback is greatly appreciated!) 

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  • Alex loves to give you kisses no questions asked 
  • He holds you tight and gently strokes your hair
  • He loves to do it at the randomest times to
  • You’ll both be cuddling on his bed in his room and he’ll literally attack you with kisses
  • Or you will literally be in the middle of a battle and he’ll run to you and kiss you, then keep running.
  • He’s also very protective of course
  • He knows you can defend yourself but he still makes sure you’re okay
  • The first time he saw you kick some ass he was so impressed
  • You guys had steamy sex that night
  • Speaking of sex…
  • The first time you had sex it was probably the most awkward
  • “Did I hurt you?!”
  • “No, it feels good keep going”
  • To sum it up, it was very sloppy but you wouldn’t have it any other way
  • Now that you’ve been dating for a while, sex is more passionate and a bit more rough at times
  • Alex is up for some sex any day, any time, anywhere
  • Once you were feeling really stressed out so he took you to the bedroom and ate you out like there was no tomorrow
  • Like he didn’t even tease you like he usually does, he just went to it
  • You felt a lot better
  • Anyways…
  • You and Scott get along really well
  • Alex would be lying if he said he doesn’t get jealous at times
  • Some really hot sex took place after
  • Ok lisTEN TO ME
  • Alex is a total ass guy
  • He LOVES your ass
  • Scratch that, he worships your ass
  • He loves to put his hand in your back pocket
  • This asshole drops things purposely just to see your ass when you bend down
  • He LOVES when you lay down on your stomach so he can see the curves of your butt
  • He occasionally will lay down on top of you and use your butt as a pillow
  • He literally can stay like that for hours
  • It’s literally a casual thing for him to have his hand on your butt 24/7
  • This boy loves to buy you different types of panties
  • It’s not surprise when he comes home with like 5 bags full of victoria’s secret panties and bras
  • He will make you model all of them for him while he sips on a beer
  • “C’mere baby”
  • You may or may not give him a lap dance
  • Alex is also a total boob guy
  • He thinks they’re comfortable and squishy
  • “Babe, get off my boobs”
  • “But they’re so comfortable”
  • He loves to cuddle with you and lay on your stomach while you stroke his hair
  • That’s how he falls asleep most of the time
  • Oh, and he loves to spoil you rotten ok
  • You could just compliment something like a t-shirt and it’ll be yours the next day
  • Also expect flowers on random days
  • He loves to listen to you rant about anything
  • Alex encourages you to literally fight anyone who angers you
  • “She charged me for an extra large fries when I ordered a small!”
  • “You should go fight her”
  • He’s the type of guy to hype you up to
  • You’ll be at a party dancing and he’s hyping you up
  • You’re taking shots at the bar and he’s cheering you on as you down a bottle of vodka
  • And of course he holds your hair back when you’re throwing up the next morning 
  • And he makes you drink lots of water
  • His hangover cure? Soup
  • He makes some bomb ass soup to
  • He’s such a good caretaker ??? like how ???
  • Then he sets up all your favorite movies to watch in bed
  • You cuddle up to his chest and smell his beautiful, amazing scent 

Just because someone stumbles and loses their way doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes we all need a little help. 

X-Men: Days of Future Past dir. Bryan Singer