shelbyvontrapp  asked:

Looked at your tags on an X-Men post of yours, and I hate to tell you, but there were a lot bigger inconsistencies in Days of Future Past. A lot more glaring plot holes than the difference between "Fuck off", and "Go fuck yourself."

There WERE. There were SO MANY PLOT HOLES. I honestly couldn’t be bothered going through all the little inconsistencies and plot holes and confusing bits so I focused on the small ones like that one. I just feel like if they couldn’t fix the huge gaping plot holes, they could at LEAST fix one little misquote, y'know? Like in The Hunger Games: there were so many differences between the movie and the book but the one thing I was really focused on was that the cat was the wrong colour. If you can’t fix the big stuff, at least fix the little stupid stuff.