xmen krystal

` hey, what's up loser?

“… oh and you know, there’s that nurse. Uh, what was her name? Krystal–”

He blinked.

“She’s still alive?”

There was an awkward silence before he held up a hand in apology. “My bad, I didn’t mean that–but uh, Krystal? As in the Jung? The annoying girl who–”

“–biomorphs, yeah.”

“Well shit, I’m not going to the school anytime soon then.”

And yet, that was precisely where Sungjoon found himself two days after he’d received the information detailing a certain brat’s return to the Institution. Pursing his lips in amusement, the older male stifled a small sigh as he approached the Institution’s gates. Though on the outside he insisted Krystal Jung was no more than an annoying nuisance of his student days (which was true–he didn’t remember a single day of Institution life without her incessantly bothering him and trying to force reactions out of him), Sungjoon was quite entertained to find that bits and pieces of his past (though originally unwelcome) were beginning to skitter back into his life.

When he managed to walk towards the front entrance of the school, Sungjoon’s path was horribly obstructed by an all-too familiar voice shouting what sounded like some crude bastardization of his name–a horrible, horrible nickname and-


There she was. Jung Soojung in the flesh and blood already hanging herself out of her office window. Flailing her arms and shouting his name, the image in itself was bringing back way too much nostalgia for his own good. Staring up at the female, an amused smile beset upon his lips, Sungjoon attempted to hold back a scoff. 

“You just got back here and you’re already trying to jump out of windows? Damn, shouldn’t have bet you’d last a week,” Sungjoon cursed jokingly, snickering at the other before making a motion to ignore her shouts and whatnot to get inside and away from her peripheral view.

That, however, never flied in Krystal’s book it seemed. Ignoring the girl only brought catastrophic results, and Sungjoon was re-learning that fact again when he heard a Tarzan cry and witnessed the titanic jump of a small woman.

It took him a second before he realized what was going on.

“What the–”



The shadow of his old friend looming over his body was not a comforting feeling at all. Lifting one hand sharply, he glowered as soon as he managed to suspend the other in midair. 

“So I see you’re still crazy.”