Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Reportedly Sign On For More 'X-Men' Films
Over the weekend, Channing Tatum finally closed his deal to star as Gambit for FOX. Seems like he isn't alone. Got a tip over the weekend and the hot rumor is that both Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have reportedly made deals to continue playing Magneto and Professor Xavier in future X-Men movies.

Something Tumblr should learn:

Do you know why Xavier is considered a hero and Magneto is considered a villain?

Because while Xavier wants to make the world a place where both mutants and non-mutants can cohexist in harmony and without prejudice or violence, Magneto is all about “down with non-mutants“

Sounds familiar? Yeah.

The brilliance in X-Men is that its villains aren’t only extremists who want to kill all mutants, but there are also extremists who want to kill all non-mutants. it shows that all types of overly radical thoughts are bad, no matter the side you’re on.

I want everyone to pay attention in this message very dearly. X-Men has a lesson to teach to all of us, but, to some people, the point is flying straight past their heads.

How I picture their encounter in MCU universe.. (Though it would never happen) 😂
  • Pietro:Who are you?
  • Eric:I'm Eric lehnsherr. I'm looking for my children.
  • [everybody gasps]
  • Wanda:You lost your children?
  • Eric:Yes. Many years ago.
  • Pietro:We lost our father.
  • Eric:I'm very sorry.
  • Twins:Thank you.
  • [pause]
  • Eric:Well, good luck to you.
  • Wanda:You too. I hope you
  • find your children.
  • Eric:And I hope you find your father.
  • [they both walk off, everyone facepalms]