Rilaya: A song

Characters: Riley/Maya, Smackle/Farkle, Zay, Lucas

Couple: Riley/Maya


This I wrote with the amazingly talented, awesome, @rilayaloving to celebrate her 100th follower. SPOILER NO ONE DIES. 


Riley and Maya walked through the halls of Abigail Adams High school, hands intertwined and book bags on their backs. They are headed to Mr. Matthews class. As soon as they are there, they let go as they sit down. They reach for each other’s hands immediately afterwards, missing the contact, needing something to hold on to.

           “Hello friends.” Smackle says with a large smile and a nod. “How was this weekend for you?”

           “Great, me and Maya went to the park and rode a tandem bike!” Riley said with a huge grin and nudged Maya’s hand back to get her attention.

           “Oh yeah, it was great,” She said smiling softly, “We got ice cream in the middle of it.”

           “Mhmm, and Maya bought us pizza.” Riley said looking like she was shaking with happiness.

           “Well sounds like you two had quite an enjoyable few days.” Farkle says, “Smackle and I also had a nice weekend. Didn’t we dear?”

           “Oh yes indeed. We had a nice jog as we noticed we were not following healthy guidelines. After we went to Farkle’s and went to the planetarium.” Smackle says as she essentially makes heart eyes at Farkle.

           “Awe.” Riley squeals.

           “Okay class, today we are talking about American History, obviously, but specifically Alexander Hamilton. Can anyone tell me who he is?” Cory asks the class. “Farkle.”

           “Alexander Hamilton was a Founding Father of the United States, chief staff aide to General George Washington, AKA the Secretary of treasury.” Farkle says nodding to Smackle.

           “He was shot and killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.” Smackle added.

           Maya sat up in her seat, reached into her book bag and pulled out a notebook. To most it would look like she would actually take notes, in reality she was working on a song idea she has had for a while.

           “Very good you two, most people know of Hamilton, but not nearly as many know of the scandal that surrounds his love life.” Cory says going to the board and writing ‘Love?’

           “Sir, I thought he was married to Elizabeth Hamilton.” Smackle says her eyebrows knitted together.

           “He was, however, during his time in aide-de-camps to Washington during the Revolution he had written many letters to John Laurens, who some historians believe had a relationship with each other.” Cory explains pulling out a stack of papers, handing them to the people in the front rows.

           A couple of hands go up, including Lucas, Zay, Maya, and Riley. Cory is smiling now as if he knows something they don’t. He points to Maya.

           “Do you mean like a couple? Like Dating?” She asks in confusion.

           “Yes I do.” Cory said.

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Maya taking the backlash from Riley, concerning over Lucas’ safety, helping Zay with the girl he likes, pretending to be Farkle’s girlfriend in front of his dad, caring about Farkle possibly having Autism, having Riley’s side against Lucas’ secret, defending Riley no matter what, stopping Lucas from getting into a fight, denying her feelings for Lucas for Riley’s sake, wanting to confront Farkle’s bully.

Maya Hart, ladies and gentlemen

Girl meets world songs playlist (links provided)

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1. Act like you love me by Shawn Mendes, 2. Say something by A great big world, 3. Can’t feel my face by The Weeknd, 4. Let’s be birds by Jacob Whitesides, 4. Cheater by The Vamps, 5. The feeling by Justin Bieber ft Halsey, 6. Just saying by 5 seconds of summer 

Link: x


1. Roses by James Arthur ft Emeli Sande, 2. Hey there delilah by Jacob Whitesides, 3. BITE by Troye Sivan, 4. The way by Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller, 5. Star Girl by Mcfly

link: x


1. TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan, 2. Never be Alone by Shawn Mendes, 3. Photograph by Ed Sheeran, 4. Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson, 5. Say your just a friend by Austin Mahone, 6. I’m Yours by Alessia Cara

link: x


1. Stolen Moments by The Vamps, 2. Sorry by Justin Bieber, 3. I know what you did last summer by Shawn Mendes ft Camila Cabello, 4. Stitches by Shawn Mendes, 5. Perfect by One Direction, 6. Love me Harder by Ariana Grande, 7. Where do broken hearts go by One Direction, 8. Never forget you by Zara Larsson & MNEK, 9. Starts with goodbye by Carrie Underwood, 10. Since you’ve been gone by Kelly Clarkson, 11. All for Love by Madison Beer ft Jack & Jack

link: x


1. Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko, 2. My Girls by Bella Paige, 3. Love me like you by Little Mix, 4. Be my Baby by Ariana Grande, 5. Don’t wanna dance alone (acoustic) by Fifth Harmony

link: x


1. What you need by Brooklyn, 2. Pull me down By Mikky Ekko, 3. Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes, 4. Should’ve been us by Tori Kelly, 5. FOOLS by Troye Sivan, 6. Hypnotic by Zella Day, 7. Waiting for superman by Daughtry, 8. Friends by Brooklyn

link: x


Riley Matthews-

1. Love myself by Hailee Steinfield, 2. Keep on Dancin’ by Ellie Goulding, 3. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan, 4. Wings by Little MIx, 5. she is not me by Zara Larsson 

link: x

Maya Hart-

1. Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana, 2. Invisible by 5 seconds of summer, 3. Broken Home by 5 seconds of summer, 4. YOUTH by Troye Sivan, 5. Confident by Demi Lovato, 6. Don’t Be so hard on yourself by Jess Glynne, 7. Change for love by Little Sea

link: x

Lucas Friar-

1. Control By Halsey, 2. Rude by MAGIC!, 3. Where are you now by Jack U ft Justin Bieber, 4. Summertime girls By Massketta Fall, 5. I dont wanna leave by Little Sea, 6. Fun by Troye Sivan, 7. Hold me down by Halsey

link: x

Farkle Minkus-

1. Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavigne, 2. Sugar by Robin Schulz ft Francesco Yates, 3. Popular song by Mika ft Ariana Grande, 4. Shine by Years & Years

link: x

Zay Babineax-

1. Hey Everybody! by 5 seconds of summer, 2. Riptide by Vance joy, 3. Best mistake by Ariana Grande ft big sean, 4. What’s my age again by Blink-182

link: x

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  • Basic Terms in Cinematography/Editing/Mise-en-scene (X)
  • What’s a Meta? (X)


1X01 Pilot (101): X

  • Opening/Closing a.k.a. the show’s premise (X)
  • Subway Encounters (X) - “Riley/Farkle” expansion: (X)
  • Long Lasting Eyeshadow & 2 Months Only (X)
  • The Great Mystery: How can I love these two different women? - Farkle/Lucas (X)
  • Cafeteria: Interesting Camera Work & Blocking (X)
  • Cafeteria: Sloppy Joe VS Chicken Pot Pie [not mine] (X)
  • Lesson: The Civil War (X)

1X02 Girl Meets Boy (102): X

  • Maya Steps Back (X) - Nervous Lucas expansion: (X)
  • Lesson: Connecting (X)
  • Anatomy of a Crush !! :) [Lucas –> Maya; Riley –> Lucas; Maya ?] (X)
  • Get Ready: The Shawngela Lesson for Riley (X) - Expansion: (X)
  • Here’s the STORY: The Trap of the Pilot/GM Boy (X)
  • Maya & the Night: “I just have the actual sky…” (X)

1x03 Girl Meets Sneak Attack (104): X

  • Jealousy? A mixed bag, and hints of what’s to come [P1: Missy/Maya/Riley] (X) - Missy/Maya expansion: the animal print association (X)
  • Jealousy? A mixed bag, and hints of what’s to come [P2: Farkle/Maya/Riley] (X) - Discussion expansion (X)
  • Lesson: Pearl Harbor (P1) - Major Foreshadowing [Classroom] (X)
  • Framework for the analysis (putting it together) (X)
  • Cafeteria: Riley’s moment of truth (Just a concerned friend) and peaks at Maya’s little green monster (X); Expansion - Riley is Lucas’ “Good Kid” (courtesy of @yeoldeshipper : X)
  • Extras: Riarkle Bay Window (X) & Cafeteria (X)

1x05 Girl Meets the Truth (103): X

  • Now it’s “Romeo and Juliet and Farkle.” I play Farkle. (X)
  • Core 4 on the Shakespeare Stage - The ‘Mirror’ Structure (X) - Romeo + Juliet expansion (courtesy of @its-austen-anon-scholar: X)
  • Subtleties in the TRUTH classroom scene [Lucas/Maya] (X)
  • Lesson: Morality and the ‘Universe’ (X) - The only truth Cory’s still sure of (X)
  • Maya Hart - a character study from 101, 102 & 103 (X)
  • Extras: Lucaya Classroom (X) & Shakespeare (X); Riarkle Shakespeare (X)

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anonymous asked:

I'm beginning to think I may be transgender and I was wondering if you or any of your followers knew of any online resources like youtubers, blogs, message boards or anything that I can go to for support, information and such? Thanks in advance :)

Transgender Youtubers:

Alex Bertie - X

(Princess) Joules - X

Stef Sanjati - X

Maya - X

Jake Edwards - X


En|Gender - X

Taking Steps - X

Trans Advocate -

T-Central - X

Here’s a list of more of them - X

Hope that helped! (I don’t know of any transgender message boards but I’m sure there are many groups of Facebook that you could search for.)