Every wanted to trim your tree with outer space? Well now you can!

These gorgeous hand-blown glass ornaments are available from GlassSculpture.org and are the creations of B.E. “BJ” Johnson and Joy Alyssa Day. Together, BJ and Joy founded Spherical Magic in which they combine their artistic and engineering talents to produce an amazing collection of space related art. 

BJ has worked on everything from the Indy 500 to the America’s Cup to the Space Shuttle and Joy excels in media ranging from woodturning to 3D modeling to glass-blowing. Together they are quite the dynamic duo. 

My friend Kerstin alerted me to these solar system ornaments that I promptly started drooling over. They are available as a 9-piece set + the Sun or you can purchase each planet separately, including Pluto (shhhhh, don’t tell Neil). 

- Summer


The tree is up!  I know fake trees aren’t environmentally friendly, but that’s all I’ve ever had. Growing up I always had an artificial tree.

I have fond memories of my dad bringing a big cardboard box up from the basement. Inside were Green metal branches, with plastic pine needles and colour coded metal rods. I remember my parents unpacking the branches, sorting them and assembling the tree.

Then we would all decorate it together. I loved that tree and to this day I prefer artificial trees. When I see real Christmas trees, it makes me feel sad. There is something tragic about chopping down a beautiful tree just so it can sit in your living room for a few weeks.

I’m sure they smell great and look really nice, but having a dead tree sit in my living room just isn’t Christmas to me.

Christmas ballicious (with embedded icons) by Nelonie Crelenia


So I tried to be crafty and melt peppermints to make adorable Christmas ornaments. One slight problem. I bought the wrong type of mints and the whole thing became a liquefied mess.

All I can say is thank god I used parchment paper. Otherwise my baking sheet would have been a complete rite-off. 

Oh well, at least I managed to salvage one sad slightly burned heart.

Tomorrow I will buy the right type of candy and try again. As god as my witness I will make these freaking ornaments!

There are instances when you can’t change how you feel. When the way you feel is not going to affect the world around you. It may only make you more miserable. It is way easier to give advices than to follow it. And I often fall prey to it. 

It wasn’t a good Sunday, Monday was no better and Tuesday (that is today) is only marginally better. 

I know why I am upset. I understand the reasons (they are many, varying from valid to nonsense), I understand the causes. But it doesn’t help not feeling.

I can only hold on while I ride on this waive. I hope I won’t lose many of you because I am not posting cute fandom stuff frequently enough.

My day at work was busy enough that I almost didn’t have time to reflect or panic. But by the end of the day I was so tired, I thought I might cry.

Good thing that I decided to go and watch a movie. I went to see Penguins of Madagascar. It was very funny. Somehow I didn’t find it as funny as I expected I would. I remember watching Big Hero 6 and I was CRYING from laughing so hard. Penguins were more touching (in some ways) than I expected them to be. But I liked the back story for the characters and Agent Classified has the best voice ;)

Another bright thing about today (although I was so tired that I almost didn’t feel happy about it, was that I went to Indigo and they gave me the Xmas ornament that I was missing. (I bought it yesterday but it was not in my bag when I got home.)

Isn’t it the cutest fox? :D I don’t even want to put it on my excuse of a tree (which is not a tree but just decorative branches - I will have to hunt for a tree this weekend). I like it sitting on my drawer chest.

Another friend bailed on me and my bday party. I am thinking of going to see the Hobbit on my bday and then going for dinner (with two other friends, who I hope will stick with me). Not grande plans by any means but I’m looking forward to it.

 I hope everyone is having a better week. *hugs*