xmas sweater draw

Ida is the cutest, sweetest bean with a really perplexing taste in sweaters. Thanks for putting up with me and all the terrible movies ♡ @terror-in-the-dream

Rarity refuses to let any of her friends wear tacky sweaters, poorly stitched santa hats or flimsy reindeer antlers around this time of year, and insists that she makes each one of them specially tailored hearths warming outfits- whether they like it or not! Just because it’s snowing outside, it doesn’t mean everypony can’t look their best!

…okay yes she’s wearing a sweater but I was running out of ideas. I tried to make it so it’s not too tacky so hopefully Rarity won’t mind


Suga found these at a thrift store and gave the golf one to Daichi as a joke, but Daichi actually liked it and wears it all the time, even when he’s supposed to be wearing a christmas themed sweater.

(I really did find both of these in thrift stores and that golf sweater is my favorite find ever of all time, I think)