xmas pokemon


❄️ Add some Nintendo flare to your Christmas! ❄️

Here are some of my findings for some great Nintendo themed Christmas buys! Great for if there’s a little something more needed to make your holiday a nerdy one!

🌟  There’s no better Christmas tree star topper than the Super Mario Star Man himself! The spiral base completes the look, and makes sure there no chance coming off. I love falling stars as much as the next person, but not when they’re only a few feet above my head!

🎅  The Pokemon Sun and Moon themed Santa hats are a perfect blend of Pokemon and the Winter Season! You’re going to need a hat to keep you warm and cozy, so any chance to squeeze in some Pokemon is welcome!

👕  It’s an ugly sweater, but Christmas calls for ugly sweaters. With a Pokemon GO theme, if you cover yourself in one of these you can focus on catching Pokemon, instead of catching a cold.

👢 Nintendo themed stockings, perfect for all those Nintendo themed stocking stuffers! The shop that makes these sells even more nerdy stockings with themes of Doctor Who, Marvel and DC!

🎄 Christmas Tree Baubles based on Super Mario and Zelda characters! The Zelda ones have all the masks from Majora’s Mask as well and loads of other Zelda inspired versions!

⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄

I hope this list was of some help. All these shops have other great Christmas feeling products, so be sure to check them out! 😸

Links to the winter items:

🌟 Super Mario Star Tree Topper

🎅 Pokemon Sun and Moon hats

👕  Pokemon GO ugly sweaters:   Instinct   -   Mystic   -   Valor

👢 Nintendo Christmas Stockings:   Mario   -   Zelda

🎄 Christmas Tree Ornaments:   Mario   -   Zelda


Some Christmas gifts for some friends <::)

1. @megsdoodles87‘s Pokémon Black Team

2. @epsilon110‘s Pokémon Sun/Moon Team

3. @pastel-alien-xoxo‘s oc Annie’s Hoenn Team

4. @lilydragon14‘s Pokémon Team

5. Tetsuro Kuro for @nordielie

6/7. @thelostmoongazer‘s oc Boba and persona