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More Q cats!! The concept - both Bond giving Q a kitten and the ‘weaponized kitty’ are salutes to Ordinary Numbers - the greatest fic of all time. 

*important note - at least one person expressed concern about Keats’ eye – he and Melville are both rescue cats and Keats was missing it before Q got him (aka he didn’t maim an animal for science!)*

Diabolik Lovers Mug, Xmas messages translation

Thanks to Rena87 for the scans!

Ayato: If you’re that happy then ore-sama will prepare a special party for you only… come on, come here.

Kanato: This is not a present for you. It’s for me actually. Won’t you fill this cup up with your blood? You will, won’t you?

Raito: Merry Xmas, Bitch-chan♪ Come on, let’s begin our special party… nfu.

Shuu: Do you really think that those prayers of yours will reach your God? I’m sorry to break it to you, but by the voice you’re making now it only sounds like that you’re craving for more to me.

Reiji: You will not use that cup for having drinks of poor quality.
…you shall fill the cup I personally chose for you with tea only.

Subaru: What are you talking about? That’s not a present. It’s just because I didn’t know what to do with that thing that I’m giving it to you.
…and then, you know, a few days ago I broke yours… so…

Merry Christmas to all the DL fandom!

Secret Santa

Ooh I love me some Secret Santa~

Sorry this is late, but it took me a while to search for gifts! 


Tokiya: A smile formed on Tokiya’s face as he opened the envelope; inside were two tickets to his favourite idol’s concert. “These tickets are on sale tomorrow… how?” Looking up at everyone he said, “whoever gave me this, thank you so much.” “Ehehe, it’s pretty good isn’t it?” Reiji said. “Reiji-senpai? It was you?” Tokiya said, “Of course, who else?" 

Ittoki: Ittoki instantly knew who it was due to the handwriting ontop of the gift that read ‘Ittoki’. "Masa! You’re my secret santa?”
“Ah, yes.” Unwrapping his gift, he found his own guitar there.
“You found my guitar? Oh my goodness, I have been looking for it for ages!” Everyone sweat dropped,
“Ittoki, look closer at the guitar.” Masato said.
“Hmm? O-okay then… HUUUHH! OH MY GOD. NO WAY. Is this? No..” He looked at Masato.
“Yes.” Ittoki’s eyes widened even further. His guitar had been signed by his favourite band. Glomping Masato, he thanked him. “You’re the best Masa!”

Ren: Ren raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at his gift, “Lovey Language?Uh…?” He stared the book in front of him, “now you can woo girls in every country, no problems - the hell?” Ren laughed slightly as he read out the subtitle.
Opening the book, he realised what it was; a book of pick up lines in different languages.
“I noticed you too, like to study human behaviours, particularly females, and you also speak Italian. I remember you saying that you want to learn different languages. So I thought this would be the perfect gift.” His secret santa explained.
Everyone turned to the direction of the voice; Ai. “Ai-senpai? You got me this?” Ren asked laughing; it all made sense now.
“Well of course, who else would pick such a perfect gift?”

Masato: “Barakamon, the complete series” Masato stared at his gift, “an anime series? Oh oka-”
“Wait Masato, read the blurb.” Ren said, curious. Flipping the dvd, Masato skimmed the blurb, realising why he received the gift.
“What?” Ren asked.
“It’s an anime abouta calligrapher. How fitting. A-ah.. thank you.” Everyone sweat dropped. A calligrapher anime. Really?
“Do you like it?” Tokiya asked.
“Ichinose? You bought me this?”
“Yes. I thought you may like it.” Tokiya said, failing to supress his laughter.
“What?” Masato asked suspiciously.
“I’m just pulling your leg, here - this is what I honestly got you.” Tokiya said, handing him a black box.
“Ooh,” Masato said shaking his head.
“That was pretty funny Ichi.” Ren said, laughing.
“This… this is…” Everyone turned around to see a surprised Masato, staring intently at the box. Peering over, Ren whisteled. “Woah, that’s a gift alright.” Tokiya had given Masato an old and traditional calligraphy set. Masato smiled warmly, “thank you Ichinose.”

Natsuki: When Natsuki opened the envelope his eyes sparkled immediately. “I… can’t… believe…it.” He was honestly speechless. In the envelope were concert tickets to the beloved Piyo Chan. Yup. That’s right. “Heheh, do you liked it?” Ittoki asked happily. “Y-you got me this?  OH MY GOODNESS” He then preceded to glomp Ittoki several times. 

Syo: As he opened the brightly decorated envelope, Syo’s eyes widened in disbelief at his gift. He simply stared at the invitation in his hand, mouth agape.

“You are invited to the premiere of the film Shooting Studs, with main actor Hyuuga”


"I knew you would like it.” Syo turned to the direction of the voice, to see a smug looking Cecil.

“How did you get this?”

“I’m a prince, I can get anything hehe.”

Ranmaru: Ran stared the the gift in front of him, “Unlevelled Love… 8 different girls, 8 different loves… the hell is this?” Ranmaru raised an eyebrow at everyone’s muffled giggles, “Don’t you like it?” Ran turned to the voice; of course, Ren. “I thought you needed some help.” “Help?” “yeah, you’re 22 and single, I mean c'mon.” “Fuck off.” Ranmaru glared furiously at Ren, however then noticed another gift with his name on it. “I’m kidding Kurosaki-senpai.” Ren said laughing. “Here you go,” Ren said handing Ranmaru his actual gift; a mug. Ran looked amused as he read the text on the mug. “You like it?” Ren asked. “It ain’t too bad.”

Reiji: “Bahahah, this is awesome! Now I can cook my meat dishes easier!" 

"You like it?” Syo asked.

“Ooh, you got me this Syo? Awesome!! It is so cool!”

“Really manly right?” Syo asked, fire in his eyes.


Cecil: Cecil excitedly unwrapped his gift to find a beautiful yukata. “Traditional Japanese clothing? I LOVE it!!!” He exclaimed happily. Picking up the card inside, he read it out loud. “Dear Cecil-kun, Merry Christmas! I hope you love your gift, I know how you take interest in Japanese culture, so I thought this would suit you. YOU would look so kawaii in it~ <3 <3 From, your secret santa <3" "Isn’t is soo kawaii?~” Natsuki said, grinning. 

Ai: Ai was pleasantly surprised when he unwrapped his gift. It was a modern yet tradition tea set. “Thank you… hmm, let me guess. Ah, Camus?”

“How did you know?” Camus asked impressed.

“Only you know me this much. I really appreciate the gift. In fact, I’ll have some tea right now.”

Camus: Noticing the very professional wrapping, Camus opened the gift to find a brown box. Opening that box he picked up a simple white mug, with a blue design on it. Inside the mug was a bag of coffee. “Ah, a mug, thank you” 'This person must know me well, since they know I don’t drink tea in a mug’ Everyone watched him eagerly, as he thought who it could be. “Is there coffee in there Camus?” Cecil asked. “Yes there is. One bag.” “Oooh oooh, then why don’t you drink out of it, and then guess?” “I suppose so,” Pouring the coffee into the mug, he took a drink, only to hear roars of laughter. Putting the mug down instantly, he looked up at everyone; all the members of STARISH minus Ren and Syo had horrified expressions on their face whilst the remaining (+ Ai, Ran and Reiji) were laughing so hard. “What? What is so funny?” “Camus, what does 'twat’ mean?” Cecil asked. Alarmed, Camus lifted his mug above his head to see the bottom. Pursing his lips, he glared at everyone. “Ku.RO.SAKI?” Still laughing, Ranmaru shrugged his shoulders, “what? everyone knows it.”