xmas gifts ideas

Sometimes finding a gift for someone can be hard. So i thought i’d put together a list of ideas in case you were stuck (:

Subscription boxes
These are a really cool gift to give since there’s multiple goodies in one box. There’s all different kinds to choose from: beauty, food, toys, and more!

Create your own loot box
You can get a box and fill it up yourself with things you know that person will like. They don’t have to be big expensive items (It’s the thought that counts right?!). Here are some ideas: 

  • Candle
  • Favourite candy or foreign candy
  • Cute stationery
  • If this person keeps losing a particular item like bobby pins, lighter,  etc, you can add that in
  • Coffee table book
  • Mug
  • Multiple/different types of cosmetics
  • Phone case
  • Socks
  • Jewellery
  • Small ornament
  • Crystals
  • 2017 Diary/Planner/Journal
  • Small plush/stuffed toy
  • Some type of gag gift item
  • There’s plenty more but i’m sure you can think of something related to the person you want to give a gift to
  • You can be creative with the box too, like you can buy an actual crate. It doesn’t have to be a box, you can buy a bag or some kind of backpack they will like…

Electronic photo frame
This is a cute gift for those you have a lot of memories with. Plus it’s like the real life version of the moving photos in Harry Potter lol

Think of something that person said they needed but haven’t bought yet
If you’re ever worried about someone not liking your gift, you can try and recall if they’ve mentioned something that they need or that would help them. You can’t go wrong with a gift they would use a lot (:

Concert/Game/theme park/TV show tickets
Make sure you plan this when the person doesn’t have any plans/work/school

Fandom merch
If they are part of a fandom you can get them something well about anything to do with that fandom. Just make sure they don’t have it already (:

Go to the persons social media accounts like instagram or facebook and see which stores they follow/like
From there you can have a look around and choose what to get.

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  1. Shower Curtains
  2. Tapestries
  3. Duvet Covers
  4. Rugs
  5. Wall Clocks
  6. Pillows
  7. Art Prints
  8. Framed Art
  9. Canvas
  10. Wall Tapestries
  11. Wall Clocks  
  12. Cases  
  13. Laptop Sleeves

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With our body full of sugar yet, after halloween we have to start thinking on Christmas. In our city the stores are being filled with Christmas products. We also want that the Christmas spirit invades our shop so in the next weeks we will put new products in our shop. Today we present these tags perfects to be included in the Christmas gifts.

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