xmas gifts ideas

Xmas is a time of giving, but it can be hard looking for something to give. So i put together something that might help ya’ll if you’re struggling on ideas (:

Subscription boxes
These are a really cool gift to give since there’s multiple goodies in one box. There’s all different kinds to choose from: beauty, food, toys, and more!

Create your own loot box
You can get a box and fill it up yourself with things you know that person will like. They don’t have to be big expensive items (It’s the thought that counts right?!). Here are some ideas: 

  • Candle
  • Favourite candy or foreign candy
  • Cute stationery
  • If this person keeps losing a particular item like bobby pins, lighter,  etc, you can add that in
  • Coffee table book
  • Mug
  • Multiple/different types of cosmetics
  • Phone case
  • Socks
  • Jewellery
  • Small ornament
  • Crystals
  • 2018 Diary/Planner/Journal 
  • Small plush/stuffed toy
  • Some type of gag gift item
  • There’s plenty more but i’m sure you can think of something related to the person you want to give a gift to
  • You can be creative with the box too, like you can buy an actual crate. It doesn’t have to be a box, you can buy a bag or some kind of backpack they will like…

Know someone who love plants? give them another (: If you think they have too much already one more is no problem :L  trust me, im a plant addict myself

Electronic photo frame
This is a cute gift for those you have a lot of memories with. Plus it’s like the real life version of the moving photos in Harry Potter lol

Think of something that person said they needed but haven’t bought yet
If you’re ever worried about someone not liking your gift, you can try and recall if they’ve mentioned something that they need or that would help them. You can’t go wrong with a gift they would use a lot (:

Concert/Game/theme park/TV show tickets
Make sure you plan this when the person doesn’t have any plans/work/school

Fandom merch
If they are part of a fandom you can get them something…. well about anything to do with that fandom. Just make sure they don’t have it already (:

Go to the persons social media accounts like instagram or facebook and see which stores they follow/like
From there you can have a look around and choose what to get.

Christmas Themed Questions o(◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ)o
  • Mistletoe: Have you had your first kiss yet? If you haven't, who would you share your first kiss with?
  • Star: List two things that you are good at.
  • Ornament: When you're sad, what are some things that you do to cheer yourself up?
  • Lights: Describe your prettiest memory.
  • Tree: Favorite kind of flower?
  • Present: What do you want for Christmas?
  • Eggnog: What's your favorite drink?
  • Advent Calendar: What's your favorite time of the year other than Christmas?
  • Bells: Would you rather live in the city or in the countryside?
  • Candy Cane: Favorite kind of candy?
  • Carols: Favorite song?
  • Snow: Favorite weather?
  • Sweaters: Do you like wearing sweaters or sleeveless shirts?
  • Nutcracker: Name the 3 most important people in your life right now.
  • Reindeer: Cats or dogs? Or a different kind of animal?
  • Santa: Are you buying any gifts this year? For whom? (or is that a secret)
Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Hanging Xmas Ornament Butterfly Garland Car Charm Rear View Mirror Charm Red Decoration Childrens Mobile Gift
This striking red and purple butterfly suncatcher / car charm has been hand crafted from Swarovski crystal & glass beads. Each butterfly has its own character, they are one of a kind, as they are individually created by hand, making each butterfly unique. This suncatcher can be hung inside or out (though protected from the elements). It gives a great sparkle in sunlight. Place it hanging from a manzanita tree in a wedding, or a car’s rear view mirror, near a window or hanging in the middle of the room. It makes for a great gift. Keep out of reach of babies and children. MEASUREMENTS: Total Length: approx 9 ½ inches (24cm) long String length approx 7 ¾ inches (20cm) long. Butterfly Dimensions: From head: approx 1 ¼ inches (3cm) long. Wing Span: approx 1 ½ inches (4cm) wide. For more individual suncatchers of different colour schemes visit: www.etsy.com/shop/mobilesuncatchers?section_id=13518284 For a mobile with the same colour scheme of Purple and Red visit: www.etsy.com/au/listing/128657288 Designed & Created By the Artisan... Fernanda Created with care and attention in a smoke free environment. POSTAGE & HANDLING: The butterfly is bubble wrapped and packed in a cardboard casing. All shipping is done through standard general post. International shipping is by standard airmail, and it usually takes 2 weeks, though this does depend on each countrys customs and postage service. Please visit the policy page for more details. Expedite delivery and / or for a tracking number is available at the checkout or please contact me for pricing. Thank you for visiting MobileSuncatchers by the Artisan... www.etsy.com/shop/MobileSuncatchers

Remember the OW heroes with cats from last year? Well I’m willing to do some more  watercolors like this this year so you can get them before Christmas (xmas gift idea?)

30% of the profits will go to the Handi Cats association charity.

So I’m open for OW (or other characters) comissions!

Prices start at 60 usd for single characters.

MP me for more infos.


further reductions and more items added to the sale! go check it out. xmas gift ideas? a little embroidered treat for yourself? snap them up quick, they’re all one of a kind, handmade pieces and i won’t be re-making them so once they’re gone, they’re gone.


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  9. Canvas
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  11. Wall Clocks  
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