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production notes - DW finale (spoilers)

When i finish filming the Xmas Special, I’ll probably write up some production notes on the Making of World Enough And Time and The Doctor Falls. Feel free to send questions, although I’m wary of the viciousness and misinterpretations sometimes. However, I do this for the lovely readers who are so kind to me. (Kind – very important word). And who love Who, love film-making and appreciate the inner workings of the complexities of what we do.  

I will say one thing right now. It’s been an absolute joy to work on Doctor Who. 

From a production standpoint, it’s a wonderful challenge. All episodes, except Xmas, are budgeted for the same time and money, so all my 50-60 minute eps have been done for what should be exactly the same as the 45 minute ones. It is massive credit to the Who production team that they squeeze out every extra hour and £ to make these 60 minute challenges. That’s 25% more material in maybe 10% more time. That goes from production to editing (same amount of time to edit 60 as to edit 45, with that much more material!) Same with number of Visual Effects, time in the grade, amount to compose for, to design sound for, etc, etc. 

Our post schedule on these last two was crazy - we only finished shooting in April. Hence Steven mentioning we were still completing ep 12 this week! It is true. Always trying to make it better. 

And we only filmed the David Bradley sequences a few weeks ago. From camera to edit to sound in 24 hours. 

 I’ll say it again – it’s wondrous to work on Who, especially for the support and brilliance I receive from Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin and Pete Bennett, (to name a few). 

Collaboration is a gift.