xmas 2011

I hope you guys know how much I appreciate your amazing edits/graphics. They are what make me appreciate R/K even more and what keeps us all in-the-know.

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It is such a pleasure following you guys. I’m so glad I came to follow you!

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I recently went through my inbox and you’ve all probably forgotten that you’ve sent me a message, but I’d just like you guys to know that I really appreciate the messages you’ve sent me and the conversations we’ve had. It means a lot for an anti-social person like me. Haha, thank you!

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I know it’s been a really long time since we’ve talked, and you guys probably dont remember me because I suck at keeping friendships, but I’ll never forget you all. Thanks so much for everything <3


Free Stuff on Christmas Eve

Get your last minute gifties while getting toasty with whiskey and cookies for FREE at Secession Art & Design. And in the spirit of Secession, they take hyperlocal currency Bernal Bucks.

Pick up free coffee ahead of time at Peets, then make your own free Irish coffee. Free tastes better! Genius. Check here for participating stores.

Secession Art & Design

12pm - 7pm, 3361 Mission St., SF


Jack Wills Christmas 2011

do you know about the “no-phone” photobomb yet? 

next time someone tries to take a picture of you, give them the “no-phone text” photo.

next time you see someone taking a photo, jump behind them and drop the “no-phone text” photobomb.

SEND ME PICS of you doing the No-Phone Text Photobomb and i’ll post them here!

What photobook did you get for Christmas ? _part 2

100 fanzines / 10 years of British punk 1976-1985

Thank you Laurence

Published 2011 by PPP Editions, this is the Christmas present Pierre had.

So… What is the photobook you got ? Who gave it to you ?

If you haven’t answered yet, do it on the previous post : reference and photo if you can + name…

Tag OneyearofbooksXmasspecial

You can view some answers on my FB timeline too http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717162753

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Thank you to all my followers, for all the love and support you guys give me. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and smile! I’m so glad that i met all of you guys and made new friends. I’m not really a literate person so I don’t have anything awesome to say, but to you all beautiful people, Merry Christmas!

I love you ♥

Fandom: Do A Request for Hima-Sensei?

I wrote this letter to Hima-sensei, under the “Other” heading of his mailing form…

(I forget the Subject, something like “What is YOUR Request, Hima-Sensei?”)

Happy New Year, Sensei!

Many of us, from all over the world, are so happy from your Christmas Event. We all want to thank you. You are drawing so many wonderful requests for us.

So… What request do YOU have? Please think about this. Then, you can answer this on your blog. And we will all try to fulfill your request. (^_^)

So you don’t get emailed too much, maybe you can link to a place for us to submit the pictures, stories, and photos. We want to make you smile, because you make us smile so much!

Thank you~!

We’ll see if he responds to this. If so, maybe we all can create something for him, and put it wherever he thinks will be ok. If he doesn’t specify a location, maybe a LiveJournal page can be put together or something? We’ll see. Not sure if he’ll even get to that message. He’s probably always got a chock-full inbox. But just saying, in case he does ask, we must prepare to deliver! ^_^