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anonymous asked:

describe scott's relationship with others in the alpha verse? were allison and scott together?

thank you for asking, dearest!! i get so excited when people show interest in this verse asdfghj. anyways, here’s a general outlook on scott’s relationships/interactions with the other alphas.

funny enough, scott and allison weren’t together. they kind of had this love/hate relationship, really. scott is technically the ‘leader’ of the pack — he’s the deucalion of things, but the others in the pack seem to ignore that, sometimes. allison especially. she took the power but didn’t really care much for what scott had to say. now, usually, that would have bothered scott, but there was this burning care and adoration he held for her, so it never really worked to anger him. and the same went for allison. they did feel for each other, but due to the psychotic ways of their minds, nothing actually happened. and you’ll see the extent of his care for her when scott finds out that she’s dead.

lydia and scott’s relationship is interesting, as well. she always manages to one-up him. this is the girl who killed her entire pack in a pair of stilettos — so it’s hard to think she’ll take constant orders from someone like scott. she challenges him, which is why he likes her so much, i think. of course, lydia does know her place, and does know when to stop fighting back, but scott wouldn’t probably like her that much if she didn’t combat the things he said. he enjoys the power that radiates from her. after all, he does want a strong pack of alphas. she’s his queen, it’s as simple as that.

isaac, unlike allison and lydia, is a bit more respectful and loyal. of course, this boy has his tendencies to lash out on scott, but that hasn’t happened very often. he’s usually scott’s choice of partner when scott goes out to kill. he’s definitely seem scott kill more people than anyone else in the pact. scott enjoys his agility and intelligence and recklessness. i think that’s what keeps them so close — the fact that they’re so reckless when it comes to getting the things they want. scott never fears betrayal from isaac, and isaac trusts scott, which is why the work so well together.

now, stiles is a whole different ballpark. stiles is one hundred percent loyal to scott. stiles is everything to scott — no one is allowed to fuck with stiles, point blank. it’s just something that’s happened since the day the pack became a pack. stiles never questions scott (despite the fact that scott may be working towards trying to get stiles to fight back, sometimes) and is constantly at scott’s every whim. truth be told, scott is probably the softest and nicest when around stiles. almost as if his psychotic tendencies die down when he’s with stiles. now, obviously, these alphas don’t need anchors, but if you think about it like that, you kind of have their relationship. stiles keeps scott grounded, and vise versa.

dori and i are still working out kalti and scott’s relationship, but this one is pretty straight forward, and something i adore dearly. kalti is older than all of them, and he’s not exactly like them in terms of being a werewolf (you can read more about that here) so he’s had more time and experience with being an alpha. he sticks by scott because they’re brothers in arms. kalti looks after him and his pack, makes sure they don’t do anything overly stupid that could get them all in trouble. he’s kind of like the deaton of the pack, but he, himself, is an alpha. i feel like with kalti’s experience, he’s much more vicious than anyone in the pack, and that’s what scott really likes about him. his power.

asdfgh this got really long and i apologize for that, but i hope this answered your question!!


          leith definitely looked out of place in the woods.
     his cane was kept close by as he leaned up against
     a tree. the man smoked with leisure. anyone with half
     a mind wouldn’t be out here so late, but he was more
     than capable of taking care of himself.

          “word of advice– don’t get too close to the river
     around here. you just might get dragged in.”

           – a tiny, frail form is
                 the coldest kind of form,
                 hence her abruptly
                 moving to bury her face
                 into his chest with
                 a groan)


         piece of advice: if you don’t
                                        know how to walk
                                        in heels, don’t wear them

                                       this ensures that you don’t
                                       clash into tall, handsome strangers
                                       whilst making a half-assed
                                       attempt to take them off
                                       in public. )

Shit – 

exteritix replied to your post:

stares very intently at the high school au

*waggles eyebrows seductively* you know you want this

biirdbone replied to your post:

strokes the ghost!ben au

frick tbh i thought about ben and emma when i wrote that get out of my head 

xluporum replied to your post:

stares intensely at the ghost and the werewolf ones

tbh cries at the idea of kalti teaching newborn werewolf ben how to hunt and control his changes and be there when he first hurts someone to tell him he’s not the worst ever and be there to stop him when he wants to kill himself and ufhglkfg yes pls

anonymous asked:


                        anonymously send me a url and i’ll tell you what i think about the blog

     —okay, let me tell you something… I have loved a lot of OC’s through the duration of my roleplaying experience, but I have never loved an OC as much as I love kalti norwest and that is the god honest truth. he is so just ugh, I literally cannot form words to explain how much I love kalti not only because he is a first nations character ( and also the reason behind me making mj a first nations character. ) but because kalti is strong and warm and kind and selfless and brave and beautiful and just amazing as first nations men are. and not only is the character amazing, but the mun is too. she is so sweet and kind and just so adorable wow, I love her so much. her writing is so flawless and flows so beautifully and more often than not, I find myself reading her threads and stalking through her blog. I have such a deep appreciation for xluporum. you honestly have no idea how much I love this blog, love this character and absolutely love the mun.