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1. Favorite movie?

I always dislike this question because I love so many movies, but if I had to pick? Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

2. Did you ever tried to push a door that said “pull”?

Ha ha! Yes.

3. How long are you here on tumblr?

Usually every hour when I’m not in classes or doing social things. I forget how some things work, so i just spend hours reblogging, reaching the post limit, and liking things to reblog later.

4. Your main fandom?

That would be Soul Eater. <3 My favorite anime.

5. Favorite color?

Any and all shades of violet (or purple, as it’s called by most people). 2nd favorite is blue. All kinds of blue.

6. Vampires or werewolves?

Don’t make me choose! But okay, vampires. They’re instinctual cannibalism always fascinates me. They can keep their evil more easily hidden too, which is kind of cool.

7. Chocolate or frenchfries?

Ooh! French fries. I do love chocolate, but I’d pick fries. You can’t get sick from eating too many of them. Also, dipping them in milkshakes is yum.

8. A song that brings you bad luck every time you hear it.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The bad luck is that when it gets stuck in my head, or when I here only part of the song, I have to finish it.

Like Cartman and “Come Sail Away.”

Does that count?

9. Elphaba or Theodora? (different versions of the Wicked Witch of the East from “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz”, first one being from “Wicked”, the latter being from the most recent Disney movie “Oz)

Imma go with Elphaba. I haven’t seen the new OZ movie, and I just love the character from the musical, Wicked, so much. 

10. Beach or mountain?

Beach. Cuz it’s warm, and I have an affinity to water. Mountains only make me think of cold, and I don’t like cold. 

11. Have you ever done a cosplay? If yes, which character?

Hmmmm….I did a human version of Kanaya Maryam once from HoMeStUcK. I had her shirt and skirt and a wig. It was pretty fun. I’m working on getting some other cosplays together, as well as improving the Kanaya cosplay because I wan’t to do her actual troll form, as seen in the webcomic.

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  1. What’s your sign and your birthday?
  2. What color do you wear the most?
  3. You have any fancy skins or buttons for to dash on Tumblr?
  4. Favorite music album?
  5. Last book you read?
  6. Balloons or bubbles?
  7. Marvel or DC (either the comics or the movies or both)?
  8. Do you have a smart phone? If no, what kinda phone is it?
  9. The sky or the sea?
  10. Wizard of OZ or Alice in Wonderland?
  11. Coffee or tea?