“Well, Special K is a form of exploration. In fact, we compare the result of falling in love with the taking of drugs. In both cases, there is a great rise and after a horrible come down. There is nothing we can do, that’s the way it is!”

Brian Molko, XL Magazine, 2000.

Placebo: Special K, live at Gurtenfestival, 2004.

After Rock Band dedicated to The Beatles, Green Day: Rock Band is coming out in June. Are you planning whole evenings in front of the TV, with controllers in your hands?
  • Billie Joe: You're going to be disappointed but I don't play video games. Tre Cool sucks ass at Rock Band and Mike plays games whereyou can kill nazis. But I'm sure we'll change our minds when the game comes out. I can't wait to play with my wife and my sons.