xl thursday


 AHS - American Horror Story - @librariancrossing

This town is very VERY well put together, the landscaping is great, I love flowers, so this town caught my eye right away. But, the secret to this town isn’t the fantastic landscaping, no… it’s the user houses that have character.

  1. Murder House - Violet
  2. Asylum - Lana
  3. Coven - Fiona
  4. Freakshow - Pepper

Each house contains various references to each of the shows such as;

  1. Violets bedroom and Bens office, their kitchen is pictured above. If you look closely at the office, you can see the maid that is featured throughout the show. Now, I could be wrong but the basement looks like it is full of reminders of the houses previous owners of which I thought was a great touch!
  2. The activity room where they all commune together throughout the show, there is a Christmas tree too, I loved that, quirky and sinister at the same time. There was also the electroshock therapy room, now this made me shudder a little bit, I didn’t even realise those items were available in animal crossing! There was also the communal steam/bath room, bloody faces house and pictured above, Dr Ardens room.
  3. This was exactly as expected also, very well put together, the colour schemes in the main school room suit well, creams and stone pillars, and the actual supreme pictures on the wall! Then theres the Marie Laveaus salon, that was awesome, Fionas room with an axe and medical equipment, the green house with special guest Myrtle Snow and finally, the very creepy Spaldings room complete with dolls.
  4. The first room you come to is the show tent, pictured above. Then, you see Peppers wedding to Salty, I died when I saw that! Amazing addition. Another room is what i can assume is Elsas party, then the room videoed in the film shown in the show and then you come to a room with the clown that is featured throughout the season!

Honestly, this is such an amazing town and I was 100% tell you to explore yourself, theres still so much I haven’t included in this but I want you all to find it all out yourselves!