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6152. Against Raven’s better judgment but at Beast Boy’s insistence, she opens up a small portal to Trigon’s dimension.  Just big enough for Beast Boy to shove an 8x XL T-shirt through that says “Call me Grandpa!” “Rae, you said he already knows. Besides, this might soften up the old crank."

A/N: This is a result of too much coffee or not nearly enough.

Submitted by serrj215

Today’s HANNIBAL Trivia Question is:

Which episode in S1 has no classical music?

Answers accepted during the following time period today, Monday, February 13, 2017:

  • 9am - 5 pm EST
  • 2pm - 10pm GMT
  • 6am - 2pm PST

Winner will be selected from a random draw of all correct answers.


Today’s Prize:

HANNIBAL - Baltimore State Hospital Tee Shirt.  Size XL (Mens)


anonymous asked:

Hey you own a few pop team epic shirts right? Are the sizing on them the same as American sizes? The size chart on a amiami seem weird like a box shape(really wide and not very long) most of my size L shirts are like 75cm long and 45 cm wide

I wear L American usually, and get XL for JP shirts. Large fit, feel a bit tight, but also I hang dry them.


Affordable Frisk (Undertale) fashion for anon!

Blue and Purple Striped Sweater - $16.49 (Comes in sizes S - XL)
Believe In Yourself Shirt - $16.00 - $18.00 (Comes in sizes S - 2X)
You Are Loved Shirt - $9.99 (Size in description)
Heart Necklace - $17.62 (Comes in several colors)
Heart Earrings - $9.57
Dried Flower Necklace - $6.99 (I own this, and while the color fades to a more pale yellow in about a week, it’s so nice and pretty!)
Be Kind Sweater - $24.00 (Comes in sizes S - XL) (This one is more expensive, but I thought it would fit you very well ^^ )
Bonus: Red Heart Paper Lantern String Lights - $13.17

-Mod Neon

hello you all. 

the reason that i don’t show you pictures of me at my best ( past13:00) is because i feel more open and real, like this is the real me, and yes i have messy hair and xl shirt which i find very comfortable. 

if i would post a picture here of me looking all cute and nice then if we would ever meet irl i would feel like i would let you down.

so hello to all of you,
my name is sem,
i’m 1,60cm in hight..
i weight around 54,
i have a cute little cat named Happy, 
and i’m very lonely. 

tumblr: ashamed-of-what


Items Available for Trade/Sale. Please message me if you are interested in anything!

Picture 1:

Big Fish pin

Alice Ripley CD

Altar Boyz CD

Peter and the Starcatcher magnet

Wonderland pin

Fiddler on the Roof pin

Ghost keychain

Sister Act keychain

Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 shakers

How to Succeed Opening Night placemat

Wonderland cup

Wicker lottery pin

High School Musical pin set

Heidi Chronicles pin

Taboo playing cards

West Side Story keychain

Normal Heart stress ball

Little Mermaid pin

Ann pin

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Spring Awakening pen

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Jekyll & Hyde program

Bullets over Broadway program

Sister Act program

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Les Miserables

Wicked pop-up

Playbill yearbook vol. 2

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Spring Awakening T-Shirt XL- signed by Alexandra Socha, Blake Bashoff, Emma Hunton, Skylar Astin, Phoebe Strole, Blake Daniel, Glenn Flesher, and Jenna UShkowitz

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Witchy Wishlist 2015

Hi there, I’m in Ohio, USA!  My side witchy blog that doesn’t have fandom and randomness on it is macabre-witch. If you’re trying to get a hold of me regarding something on my list, you can:
- send me an ask-

send me a message(preferred)

Note: I am perfectly okay with used items if you can’t go buy anything, but are able to give something you aren’t using its quite alright! :)

(I am also an XL in shirt size incase you get a shirt off of one of my lists.)

( Also  I’ve noticed alot of wonderful witchy people following me because of this post. This blog is my main blog that is not directly witchy. My witchy only blog is macabre-witch if you’d like to follow that and not see other random fandom things and such.)

💀 1. Tarot decks and Spirit/Ouija boards. 💀

💀 2. Bones, teeth, skulls, fur, feathers, wet specimens, antlers, reptile shedding ,quills, claws, whiskers, hooves, fossils, plants/succulents/cacti you get the point!  💀

💀 3.  Etsy, Amazon, Petco, Petsmart, or Starbucks gift cards  I also have wishlits on amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1G9RKBJJAKGUY/ref=topnav_lists_1 )  and etsy ( https://www.etsy.com/people/GuroBrat/favorites/items-i-love?ref=favs_index_1 ) 💀

💀 4. An altar Cloth, gemstones/minerals or a cauldron (putting those together because they are altar items)  💀

💀 5. Vials and jars. I would love corks with the vials vials but is not needed. As well as lids to jars  💀

💀 6. Graveyard dirt, Thorns, Baneful herbs and anything used in death witchery, curses/hexes   💀

💀 7. Oddities/curio items, Victorian photos, paranormal stuff.  Medical diagrams (I’m thinking of going to college for being a mortician)   💀

💀 8. Anything with death deities, such as Hecate, Hades, Thanatos, etc as well as  Baphomet. 💀

💀 9. Anything with the Pisces symbol, or just Pisces things in general.  💀

💀  10. A witchy mentor, and or friend who will keep in regular contact with me, I’m really shy so its hard for me, but I am in need of friends.  💀        

💀  11. Something handmade by you! I love handmade things, and I will treasure it, no matter what it is.  💀

💀   12. Tea and coffee please, as well as mugs!  💀

💀  13. Last of all, PLEASE read this.


Please send positive thoughts my way, cast any spells, and or make any spells, charms and just anything that ill help aid on bringing my kitty home.  💀


Here are the photos @rainystudios !

Its my first time uploading something on tumblr, and wow the quality looks so bad but in person looks great, and the shirt is very soft ! the only thing that I can complain is the size, I’m an M and I ordered L so I could use it as a pijama and well, my chest is telling me that I should have bought the XL or a male shirt :P

I was a little worried that Kaworu’s face would look bad in a black shirt but its perfect, im so in love with it <3 !!! I’m going to buy that Mad Boy shirt now ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨ !!