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Lost/had my 3ds stolen, literally bawling my eyes out..

Alright so I’m a little desperate here..

Literally the thing that keeps me breathing and keeps me looking forward to the next day, is gone. I had brought it with me to college like I do every day, only today, when I looked in my backpack after my usual panic, I noticed that this time it actually wasn’t there.

It’s not even the monetary value that gets me, even though the system (being a Majoras Mask XL) and the 5 games with it was probably about $500, and then with the fifty or so games I’ve purchased from the eshop, it probably was about $750~ or so in the end.. Look. I put so much love into my games. I put over 2000 hours into Twinleaf, and it’s gone. I may never be able to see that town again. I spent so much time soft resetting my Lunatic Conquest run in Fates. That’s gone too. I spent so much time taking care of my system and making sure it wouldn’t get smudged or damaged or anything because that thing means so much to me and it’s just gone. I don’t know if it got stolen or lost or what, but this is my plea for help.

It’s a Majoras Mask XL, came in a red and blue pokemon case, and had five games in the case. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Smash 3ds, Persona Q, Fire Emblem Fates, and Project Mirai DX. The mii’s name is “Zach~☆”, and the home menu is Pink and has a Foleo theme. It was last seen in Palatine Illinois at Harper College. If you can’t tell how serious I am about finding this, I’m literally telling you my area I live in. This means so fucking much to me.

If any of my followers have my 3ds added and SEE me online, please let me know. And if you don’t live in the area, please signal boost anyway. I don’t know where it is, but I need it back. I can’t think about anything else right now..

Donald Trump has been President for six days and he has already:

1. Reinstated the Mexico City Policy which prohibits federal money from going to foreign nonprofits who promote/perform abortions, even if they use their own money to do so

2. Implemented a federal hiring freeze

3. Began the process to repeal the Affordable Care Act

4. Moved forward on the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipeline construction

5. Passes HR7, which prevents women from being able to use their insurance for abortion

6. Announced plans to cut public arts programs like NPR and PBS

7. Announced plans to appeove funding for the beginning of “the wall”

8. Ordered gag orders on federal employees, prohibiting them from speaking out publicly against them

9. Attacked the media for reporting correct information on the inauguration and then had Conway tell everyone that they’re going to be using ‘alternative facts’ aka lies.

This is just in six days. It took Donald Trump six days to put into motion plans that will set this country back years.

And people wonder why so many were so fearful of this man winning the election
Samurai Vs Ninja (?)

So last week I made a post trying to clear a misconception about the samurai and the use of guns. I with ended it a mean joke (tho with a bit a truth thrown in there, to clear another misconception), about the ninja and samurai not being different. some users asked me to elaborate on it. So this one is  for people like @red-solatas @graycoin and that one I can’t tag for some reason.

So. How do we tackle this? Some of the reblogs that my post mentioned that Samurai and Ninja were different because of their placement on the rigorous caste system of feudal japan.

Peasant turned samurai turned shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi would be deeply disappointed with your research guys. Well.. not really. Except kind of? Its kinda confusing. I’ll do my best to explain, and I think the best way of doing that, is to clear some misconceptions about the ninjas themselves. This will be kinda lengthy, so the explanations will be under the cut.

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Another cummerbund outfit. As I’ve told you guys I’ve really been enjoying the cummerbund here lately. Not only does it give visual interest and adds flare, it can also hide the dreadful over blousing/additional material that can often happen with us plussize guys.

In This Outfit

Shirt 18 ½- Calvin Klein by way of Burlington Coat Factory

Blazer 48- Thrifted for $5

Pant xl- these are actually smart joggers. The have the shape of joggers without the elastic at the ankles.

Cummerbund- thrifted for a $2

Shoes 12- H&M

Nacklace- Rugged Warehouse

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morning in autumn park by Aleksandr Matveev
Via Flickr:
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