DJ TazzyStar’s Mishthi Music Best of 2015

Another year has come and gone and for this mishthi mishthi world. My life (this is Taz) has been taken over by other side projects so this site has been a bit neglected but I haven’t stopped chasing that Desi music. Luckily, Mishthi Music writers Zuha, Yusuf and Nitasha have been keeping this site vibrant (Also, are you interested in joining the Mishthi Music team of writers? If so, hit us up!).

Desi diaspora music has been so good this year and particularly rebellious and melodious - and I’ve had a few tracks on loop this year. So here you have it, this is DJ TazzyStar’s Mishthi Music Best of 2015:

1. Borders by M.I.A 

M.I.A. has put out some amazing politically charged videos this year - but this one called Borders came out right around the time the Syrian refugee had really peaked. It’s fantastic.

2. See Something, Say Something by The Kominas

After what feels like forever, The Kominas have dropped a new album called Stereotype with lyrics that are particularly timely given the state of islamophobia these days. 

3. Queen by Horsepowar

A young force of nature out of Canada, Jasleen aka Horsepowar was a mean muggin machine this dropping mixes, going on tour and with some pretty dope videos. Her tracks are the perfect mixture of Rebel Desi Diva. 

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Scrap (Open Thread)

His asteroid home was cold, desolate and quiet. An organic would have gone mad from the silence, if the icy temperatures and lack of oxygen didn’t kill them before.

But for XL, it was his favorite place in the galaxy. The only place where he could feel truly himself.

For now, he sat in his throne, a huge chair he had made from carving stone and inlaying it with thick slabs of metal. Horrible to sit on if you where organic, but perfect for a skinless android.

He had hacked into several cameras close to Star Command and he smiled as he watched his baby brother wheel about, trying to make himself the big man of his team.

But he could still see the sadness in those large green lamps for eyes.

And his sadness was like a laser cutting into his battery.


ああるふぁいぶ #R5LIVE 独習ノート 「歌詞カードどおりバッチリ歌を覚えて行ったら裏切られたでござる」その1。ライブバージョンの歌詞な事がありますね。 @officialr5 #ForgetAboutYou @rikerr5 #r5 #r5familyjapan #SometimeLastNightTour #sometimelastnightjapantour


World Choreography Awards 2015 司会 ライカー・リンチ

11月16日、ロサンゼルス、Montalban シアターで開催されたWCA、ライデルも絶賛、無事司会を務めたライカー。ビデオクリップを作っている最中なんですが、間に合わなかったのでとりあえずスクショで。

冒頭でDWTSで踊ったジャイブのアレンジ版を披露したり、途中ではタップダンスを踊って見せたり。 @officialR5 メンバーも舞台にちょっと登場。



Three weeks from now, THE ABYSS SURROUNDS US hits shelves! Today, I’m thrilled to present the trailer!

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anonymous asked:

(Heya! OnlyHorrorLingersHere. I have an XL side blog, so that's the reason I'm sending this via anon.) XL tapped his helmet in thought as he saw the smaller Space Ranger. She looked familiar...." Wait a sec....I know you. You used to hang around Killerville and the shadier bit of Tradeworld."