Hi all!  I’m a fat enby who’s just gotten fatter (and intend to stay that way) so I have some XL and 2XL clothes that I need to get rid of.  I’m hoping that some trans masculine folks out there could use them.  I am disabled and cannot work, so I’m asking for donations in exchange for the clothes (if you’re as broke as me, then $1 donation is fine) plus you have to pay shipping.

You can message me at enbywerewolf on tumblr if you’re interested.  The easiest way for me to accept funds is through paypal.

Please see below the cut for details and more stuff than in the picture above.  If any pictures are missing (this happens with submissions sometimes) then you can see a copy of this post on my blog.  (mods, you may want to add a cut here because the submission form doesn’t seem to have that option)..

The shirts I have are all lightly used and in good condition (exceptions are noted under each pic).  I have a lot of french cuff shirts. If you don’t have cufflinks, I have some extras and can send a pair along with the shirts.  I also have some extra ties I can send with the shirts (pics at the bottom of the post).

Club Room - L 16 ½ 32/33 - gray and white stripes

Dockers - XL 17/17 ½ 34/35 - 60% cotton 40% polyester - purple stripes (it looks muddy in the picture, but it’s actually a nice purple)

Arrow - XL 17 ½ 34/35 - 67% cotton 33% polyester - orange (the close up shows the color better)

VanHeusen - XL 17 34/35 - 55% cotton 45% polyester - purple

Geoffrey Beene - 17 ½ 34/35 regular fit - green (the close up better represents the color)

Geoffrey Beene - XL 17 32/33 - dark purple 

Geoffrey Beene - 17 32/33 - white - For some reason I only have the closeup pic and i’m too lazy to take any more. There’s a slight red stain on the collar there, but it’s not visible when worn with a tie.

Michael - 17 32/33 - 100% cotton - white and gray stripes - french cuff 

Alfani - XXL 18 34/35 fitted - purple - french cuff

Alfani - XL 17 ½ fitted - gray stripes 

Kenneth Cole - XL 17 34/35 - 100% cotton - white - french cuff

Kenneth Cole - 17 ½ 34/35 slim fit - 55% cotton 44% polyester 1% nylon - black - french cuff - only worn once

Leonardi Italy - XL - 100% polyester - Black and white stripes - french cuff - this shirt is super shiny!

Leonardi Italy - XL - 100% polyester - burgundy - french cuff - also super shiny!

Chic Elegant - XL - 55% polyester 35% cotton - beige with patterns - this is a vintage shirt

Million Guy - 16 ½ - 70% rayon 30% polyester - beige with black pattern - i just really liked this shirt, i know it’s goofy

Clone womens vest - 2xl- black - though it’s a womens vest, it passes well as mens clothing. it is stretchy material and I could wear it both before and after i had top surgery.  

Also, here’s some pants!

Haggar mens slacks - 42x32 - 100% polyester - black - lightly used, but i moved the button to make the waist slightly bigger.

Alfani womens slacks - 22w - 93% cotton 7% spandex - tan - well used but in good condition. I found they passed well as mens pants

Op swim trunks - 2xl/2xg 44/46 - navy blue - well used but in good condition

Seattle Thunderbirds Jersey - L - only worn once. This is so big, it actually still fits.  This is the only item that I’m asking more than a donation for.  $100, which is a third of what they’re selling for new.

Here’s the selection of ties that can come with the shirts if you want:

And they extra cuff links I have:


Aerie invited me to be involved in their new campaign of lovin’ the swim you’re in, it’s also about lovin’ the body you’re in. When you post your unretouched swim photos (on instagram and/or twitter) with #AerieREAL, Aerie will donate $1 (up to $30K) to NEDA, a non-profit that supports those affected by eating disorders. 

This is near and dear to me, so I was completely thrilled to be involved. So much so that here I am baring myself, in the cold, to promote this awesome campaign. Go on instagram and post a photo of you in your swimwear, and we can support NEDA together!

Love yinz


Making the rounds on the internets this week is this spunky remix of Nicki Minaj’s song Anaconda called Kondaikanal Won’t. Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf partnered with NGO Jhatkaa to get the word out to corporation Unilever to clean up their environmental waste. 

Fourteen years ago, Unilever dumped toxic mercury waste in the city of Kodaikanal, and has yet to clean up the contamination or pay workers and the community for their suffering. Since then, 45 workers and 12 of their children have died as a result of the contamination. Ashraf wrote the lyrics to the song, and the video features a number of community members who have suffered thanks to Unilever’s irresponsibility.

In 2001, Unilever initially denied any wrongdoing, but after pressure from local organizations and environmental groups like Greenpeace, the corporation admitted it polluted the environment with extremely toxic thermometer waste. The company has yet to make amends, and the community is not backing down. [dailydot] 

Believe in the cause to clean up mercury waste? Then sign the petition here. 


The brand new Giphoscope XL.

The first official images of our Giphoscope XL: a brand new version where frame size is twice than the standard one. The Giphoscope XL in the image has been created for Collings Interiors, Huntington Beach, California. 

The Giphoscope XL is handcrafted in Italy upon request:
www.giphoscope.com | thegiphoscope@gmail.com