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tumblr bug alert

posting this here because we’ve been getting a lot of asks about it.

Tumblr currently has a bug that causes some posts to entirely disappear. This happens when you reblog a post that has captions, and remove the captions and add your own. If your posts meets all of these criteria it will show up blank.

blank posts look like this

This doesn’t have anything to do with XKit and has been reproduced without XKit installed at all. We’ve reported this bug to support​, so it will probably be fixed shortly (read: a few days).

just to be clear, this happens whenever a post:

  • is a reblog
  • didn’t have a caption, or every caption was removed (for example on photo posts that didn’t have captions, or where people clicked the red x to remove captions)
  • has contributed content (tumblr-speak for “stuff you wrote when reblogging it”, rather then “stuff other people wrote”)

if your post matches these three criteria, it will be eaten. This also happens to photosets. If you’re reblogging a photoset that doesn’t have a caption, and add a caption, then your caption won’t show up on the dashboard.

EDIT: as @wrestlerpeeta pointed out in the tags, this also happens with reblogged asks with additional comments. Just a note, this only happens the first time you reblog something with a comment. If it already has a comment (even if you can’t see it on your dashboard) reblogging it again from that reblog should clear things up.

stay safe out there!


new xkit team

PSA: New Tagging System

I am changing part of my tagging system because I am insane and feel like replacing a gazillion tags ha, ha, jk. It’s actually because it feels a little too chaotic and disorganized at the moment and that’s just not okay for my personality lmao.  

Which brings me to why I’m posting this - my blog is about to become a chaotic mess while I change the tags and it will probably be like that for a few days. Chances are I will change my mind multiple times as I’m still not completely decided on certain tags. So if anyone is wondering why some of my navigation and character page links aren’t working it’s because of this. I’m sorry, friends.

Bug with weird symbols

There’s currently a bug going around which injects weird numbers and symbols in the middle of texts. This is a bug caused by a recent update of Tumblr, and we are unsure whether this is XKit-related or Tumblr-related, seeing we’ve had reports of older, non-edited posts being affected as well. We’re currently looking into this.

Asks PSA

If you’re wondering why we haven’t answered your ask yet, it’s because we have 1,322 asks in our inbox right now. If you’re reporting an issue or suggesting a feature, we’ll see it faster if you submit it over on github here  (please, if it’s already been reported, leave a comment on that issue instead of opening a new one).

Please check the FAQ before asking a question. Due to the sheer volume of asks, we’ll be deleting asks that are already answered in the FAQ.