shinyreshirams  asked:

Do you have any headcanons about Juniper and/or Ophelia? Maybe some XJune9 or Zakiper headcanons as well? ouo

YES 8^) I have these cute headcanons about all of these!!
// with XJune9 i mostly think about how they might spend their time; i.e. listening through each others music collection or skateboarding(xTREME SKATEBOARDING) and Jenny takes June along for flights whenever she’s in Orchid Bay. There’s this really cute one where she flies high enough that they can see the stars almost and i so wanna draw it  uvu
// Zakiper: i’ve always thought that June would be very very protective of Zak. Like, she knows he’s not quite normal human strength and that he’s a bit stronger physically but… she likes to keep an eye out for anything dangerous whenever he’s around. They like casual adventuring(never casual eventually) and hanging out with Lila and Ray Ray and especially when Lila shows them new stuff in the woods or when there’s a movie showing and they can all attend it without mishaps : DDD
/// My show headcanons are a little boring tho, i mostly derive them from the canon as directly as possible xD
-June and Ophelia are both actually huge music geeks….. like they’ll exchange favourite cds and both of them know what the other likes about a genre. June’s a bit bigger on the history of music and have a more wider scope of genres, she likes rock and punk and punkrock the best but she’ll know where those come from, while ophelia sticks to what she knows best, skimming from band to alternative band but aware of what goes on with bigger or more popular waves of music. I dunno. I feel like they would have overlapping tastes about music and both are kind of curious about what new things will happen with their kind of good music.
they’re very big buds actually in-show, so that’s where i’ll derive any headcanon of them ;D