Sherlock x Reader: Sherlock Holmes and His Scariest Case Yet

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Request from @no-se-me-ocurre-que-wea-poner : Sherlock x Pregnant Reader cravings and mood swings 😂❤

A/N: I thought this was a great idea. Thank you for requesting. x

John. Help. - SH

Please. - SH

I’m serious. - SH

Are you hiding in the wardrobe again? - JW

She scares me. - SH

Sherlock, she’s your girlfriend! - JW

Exactly. - SH

Look, you only have three months left. It isn’t that bad. - JW

John it’s awful! - SH

She’s eating. She will start crying afterwards and will claim she is fat. She isn’t fat but it will be my fault for getting her pregnant! - SH

Goodbye Sherlock. - JW

John? - SH

John please. - SH

Damn you. - SH


Sherlock put his phone back in his pocket with a sigh. John was no help. Sherlock claimed to be fearless however that was not true. If it was true, he wouldn’t be hiding in the wardrobe. Yes, the downfall of the great Sherlock Holmes was Miss Y/N L/N. Sherlock was bored. The space in the wardrobe was too cramped for Sherlock to go into his mind palace. There was nothing for him to do so he decided to leave the small space he was in. Sherlock had to experience the scariest moment of his life: his pregnant girlfriend.


Sherlock walked into the living room and saw you sat in his chair with your head in your hands.

“What is it, love?” He asked kneeling down beside you taking your hand in his.

“Can we afford a baby?” You asked. “Will I be a good mother? Will-”

“Yes we can afford one. Our finances are good. And you can look after me just fine so you’ll be fine when looking after a child.” You smiled at that last comment.

“Sorry I must be a nightmare to live with.”

He chuckled. “You’re not too bad.”


Sherlock was lying in bed reading a book when you walked in eating yogurt. You were wearing your new pyjamas which you had to buy for your bulging stomach.

“Y/N, you’re eating again,” He informed you.

“I’m eating for two,” You replied.

“Women having to eat more during pregnancy is just a myth. You don’t have to ‘eat for two.’”

“Yogurt is good for you!”

“Y/N, you need to watch what you’re eating. Your cravings are getting too strong.”

“Well you carry a child then!” He rolled his eyes at this.

“I’m just concerned about you, that’s all.”

You sighed, “Yeah I know. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”


In the middle of the night Sherlock woke up to the sound of you crying.

“What is it?”

“Go away Sherlock.”

“Y/N wh-”

“I said go away!” You yelled a him.

“Okay.” Sherlock grabbed a blanket and slept on the sofa. Normally, Sherlock wouldn’t do this for anyone. However, he loved you and you were carrying his child. Something he would be eternally grateful for. That is why he put up with you despite you scaring him. The bundle of joy that would be placed into your arms would be worth the wait.

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John smirked against her lips when she pulled away. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about doing that for a while. Probably ever since she came back to him back in the asylum. “Well isn’t this how married couples act?” He whispered raising a brow at her. “it is normal for husbands to kiss their beautiful wife right?” 

Unknown Threat

emeraldarchitect Continued from X

John was a soldier, he went where he was told. So when the Dark Knight had told him that he was needed in San Francisco of all places, he had went. He hadn’t been told he would be working with a partner, or that that partner was a literal daughter of demons. He had read Raven’s file, he knew about her past. Or at least viewed it through the lens of the Watchtower’s database. But when he arrived, all he could find himself strucken by was her beauty.

Did Batman give you the mission parameters?”

Raven had been expecting him, which was why they had met on the roof of the tower. Though he was certainly a lot more interesting in person than she had initially anticipated.

“He sent me an entire packet on it,” Raven sighed and motioned for him to follow her inside Titan’s Tower. “We can go over it again before we head out, if you like.”

She hadn’t spared much of a glance backwards as he followed her down the hall towards the communications room. Admittedly, she was a little nervous. Bruce was trusting her with League responsibilities, and she wanted to make a good impression. The door to the room opened to reveal the wall of monitors and cabinets filled with files. On the desk, still open next to Raven’s own notes was the manila folder that had been prepared for her. “He seems to be unsure if it is a demonic disturbance, or extraterrestrial.” To be fair, that never was his strong suit.