rubyhxnter and jlllvalentine asked: Resident Evil + favorite familial relationship/favorite relationship of any kind

Chris and Claire Redfield


| Resident Evil Challenge- Day 2
Day 3 → Favorite classic game (RE1/RE2/RE3/RECV)

This games was perfect for many reasons, but overall, it was scary, had a great plot, and is still considered by many to be the best game in the series.

My favorite part of this wonderful little game was the William Birkin death scene, and the scariest part was the moment the Licker jumped through the mirror. You should all know what I mean.

The police station is still my 2nd favorite RE location, beaten only slightly by the mansion from RE1. Another thing I adore about this game is the soundtrack. Absolutely beautiful, take The Front Hall for example, or the save room theme. It was beautiful, and definitely helped add tension in the atmosphere.

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