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  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun
  • Height: 5 fulms, 3 ilms
  • Eye Color: One gold, one green
  • Hair Color: Golden-brown, sun-faded lighter towards the tips

The Facts:

  • Name Day: Who knows? Definitely not her.
  • Occupation: Ul’dahn troupe dancer
  • Allegiance: Mostly to herself, really.
  • Sexual identification: Pansexual, demisexual
  • Romantic identification: Panromantic
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though leaning close to Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History: Disturbing the peace, petty theft, relatively minor things like that. However, she has been an accessory to grand theft in the first degree.
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sweet on: @braden-ffxiv


  • Favourite food: Sticky cinnamon buns from one particular stall on the Sapphire Avenue Exchange. Otherwise, she favours fruit, or spiced meat with flatbread.
  • Favourite drink: Water, or stupidly ostentatious cocktails of all kinds.
  • Favourite artist: She doesn’t have one; she thinks art (whether musical, visual, culinary, etc) is about passion, and as long as the artist is passionate about their work, she personally likes it regardless of quality. A bad singer who does so with gusto is more valuable to her than a talented singer who sings halfheartedly.
  • Favourite scents: Bright fruity ones, or Braden’s pine cologne.
  • Favourite person: Braden. But with regards to platonic affection, nobody has even come close to how much she cared for her recently deceased twin brother.


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● Birthday: 20th of January
● Gender: Female
● Relationship status: Taken
● Favorite color: Yellow and pink
● Pets: My cat that lives with my parents, miss him every day.
● Wake up time: HA. HA. HA. Can’t wake up. But if I do wake up, it’s any time between 1PM-7PM my time.
● Love or lust?: Do I have to pick? Love. But lust is also super important.. But I can’t lust unless I have feelings towards the person. Mental blockage. 
● Favorite food(s): RARE STEAK. Also sushi and stuff. I am super picky when it comes to food.

● Met a celebrity?: Nope, or I don’t think so. You have to go outside to meet people. Gross.
● Last song listened to: Undertale ost, 
● First kiss: When I was around.. 13-14? Was terrible. He stuck his tongue down my throat like a wet fish.

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