Gelmorra’s FFXIV Advent Calendar - Day 16

Minions! They’re transparent .pngs, for anyone to use ICly as thier own character’s doodles! I’ll be doing a few more of these, so try combining them with the fonts to make cute IC letters or diary entires.

mew - Ancient Kitten Proverb.


A doot I did after some RP connection discussion.

Korekaze has three Miqo’te he has come to know well for awhile now. The circumstance came down to… How would they react towards this or that?

This was the main result: Utai ( @pldonthestreetsrdminthesheets ) and Dom ( @dogonaleash ) would fight over who’s scent would be on Korekaze.

[ Also @xanitia1 for the funny fact he would be knitting a sweater. Also @arayan-ffxiv because I would not want to leave that sweet lil Seeker out~ ♥ ]