I’d like to thank everyone for their support in the Chocobo Race!!! We not only got 3rd place in the Costa del Sol track but we scored 3rd for ALL the tracks! 

I scored nice FFXIV merch (a plush towel that I cant wait to lay out and picnic on) and managed to knock out of the running another racer who quite frankly has a reputation of being a jerk.

Here is the Shadowhunter / Final Fantasy XIV crossover Chocobo race drawing that I posted on twitter at the start of the race! Thank you again for all of your love. I’ll think hard on participating again in next week’s race to try for Gold again. But if I don’t I’m just so happy and it was so exciting! Watching the race and cheering! So much fun.

new class info from stream
  • New Artifact Gear available for all Jobs.
  • Job Quests will be available starting around Level 52.
  • New skills won’t be every 5 levels.


  • Final Part of Riot Blade combo
  • DoT finisher from Savage Blade combo
  • Divine Veil:
  • When this is up, any cures received also gives a barrier to nearby party members
  • Unnamed Ability
  • Helps block enemy attacks to utilize shield swipe more effectively.
  • Adjustments to help boost defense for all party members.
  • Shield Oath given an Accuracy Buff


  • Deliverance: New DPS Stance
  • Grants Abandon stacks
  • Will switch to Wrath stacks if you switch to Defiance and vice-versa
  • Weapon Skills and self-healing abilities can be used from Abandon Stacks
  • Raw Intuition
  • Guarantee parry when attacked from the front, but guaranteed critical hit if received from the flank.
  • Equilibrium
  • Heals 5000 HP.
  • Defiance given an Accuracy Buff


  • New Dragoon Limit Break seen in Benchmark: Blood of the Dragon
  • Allows use of a 4th part to the Full Thrust and Chaos Thrust combos.
  • Able to consume Blood of the Dragon for a strong attack.
  • Adjustment to animation locks for Jumps.


  • Chakra:
  • Gain up to 5 stacks
  • At 5 stacks, you can use a high-damaging skill
  • Alternatively you can use Chakra to restore TP
  • Ability that allows you to change form
  • Tornado Kick: Consumes Greased Lightning for High Damage
  • Elixir Drive
  • New AOE


  • Weapon skills that extend Hutons duration
  • Positional added to several skills
  • Ability to adjust another party members enmity (For Tanks)


  • Limit Break changed from Healing to DPS.
  • Gives Bard Casting times in exchange for more damage.
  • Disables Autoattacks
  • Does not consume MP
  • Increases potency values by 25%
  • Side Winder
  • Increases the potency of DoTs

Black Mage

  • Ley Lines
  • 15% Haste, places a circle on the ground, if you move out of the circle, it disappears.
  • Sharpcast
  • 100% Proc on your next cast
  • Enochian
  • Grants the ability to cast Fire 4 and Blizzard 4. F4 and B4 do not extend Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, but Blizzard 4 will extend Enochian but it will be 5s shorter than the last extension.
  • Fire 4, Blizzard 4
  • Do not extend Astral Fire and Umbral Ice durations
  • Can only be cast under the Enochian buff
  • Sharpcast and Leylines available in Ravana Story Mode (Level 54 Sync)


  • Tri-disaster Renamed to Tri-bind
  • New Tri-disaster
  • Applies Bio, Bio II and Miasma for 1 Aetherflow
  • Dreadwyrm Trance
  • Summons Power of Bahamut
  • Gain stacks of Bahamut Aether
  • Can be used for Actions (Akh Morn)
  • AOE
  • Will receive a “Pet Glamour” system in the future to implement different egis rather than having separate egis with separate abilities.


  • Indomitability
  • New AOE Heal
  • Deployment Tactics
  • Gives Adloquium and Eye for an Eye to party members near the person they are casted on.
  • Emergency Tactics
  • Changes Adloquium from a shield to a pure heal
  • Dissipation
  • Consumes Eos or Selene for extra magic power

White Mage

  • Asylum
  • AoE Healing Regen Field
  • Assize
  • AoE that does Healing and Damage at the same time
  • Tetragrammaton
  • Instant Heal for 50% of targets health
  • Stone III, Aero III
  • New jobs will be available right away upon entering Ishgard, but you will have to go back to ARR content to level them up.
  • XP balance will remain the same as in ARR. Main scenario will give a sizable chunk but eventually you will need to do fates, dungeons, map exploration etc to keep up (just like post-42 in ARR where the quests dry up).
  • Both Coerthas West Highlands and the lower layer of Abalathia are accessible at lv50; you can choose where to start. This is to split up the massive number of players that will be doing the main scenario at the same time (both paths will converge later on).
  • 4 of the new dungeons are associated with the main scenario. The other 4 are unlocked via side quests like Qarn.
  • Entering a dungeon with fewer than the required number of players is done simply by having the party leader select a new option in DF. You won’t be able to replenish roles, and there will be no level sync. (Yes it says that. 「レベルシンクもかからないものになります。」)This feature is available for most ARR content, but not Heavensward content. The plan is to make it available for more content in future updates.
  • The existing low level roulette will be combined with the low level Heavensward dungeons into a Main Story Roulette. The level 50 dungeons will be combined into the Hard roulette and the level 60 Heavensward dungeons will be the Expert roulette.
  • When you are in a fully premade party, you can change the loot rules. “Master Loot” passes all of the loot to the party leader, who will distribute it amongst the party members. “All Greed” makes it so that you can only roll Greed or Pass. These rules only apply to treasure chests, not random drops from trash mobs or things like TT cards. If you use DF matching then you can only use the default Need/Greed/Pass.
  • Primals will drop tokens to all players the same way Diamond Dust from Shiva EX works, which can be saved up and exchanged for weapons.
  • Won’t give info on Alexander Savage loot system yet. It won’t be open until 4 weeks after release, so YoshiP will go over the loot system in a live letter before then.
  • Alexander Normal loot will work the same way Crystal Tower did. You can run a turn as much as you want, but can only loot one item per week. Each turn has a separate lockout.
  • Alexander was designed by a combination of staff who worked on BCoB, SCoB, and FCoB.
  • Alexander Normal will be harder than CT, but not too difficult as long as you put effort into learning it. You won’t be able to one-shot it.
  • Various small adjustments to existing skills, such as reduced animation lock after DRG jumps.
  • Most crafting/gathering gear will be crafted.
  • Patch cycle will be same as ARR with even numbered patches raising the item level cap. It will rise faster though (greater than the 20 ilvls at a time in ARR).
  • When you reach level 60 the first gear you aim for is i170, similar to Darklight in ARR.
  • Tomestones of Law < Augmented Law < Alexander Normal < Tomestones of Esoterics < etc (primals?) < Alexander Savage
  • You will be able to obtain glamour-only versions of previous relic steps. In-game reasoning is that Gerolt remembers what the previous steps look like and can replicate the appearance even if he can’t guarantee the stats. Possibly only available for people who have completed up to Zeta.
  • NQ crafted gear will probably be about 90% as good as HQ (compared to the 80% in ARR).
  • Materia V will be very rare at 3.0 launch but rates will gradually increase as higher level gear is spiritbonded.
  • High level crafted gear coming in patch 3.05, which is also when the required crafter scrips will be added.
  • FC crafting is unlocked by placing the basement workshop. There are 3 components: crafting stand (for company crafting), control stand (for planning airshop voyages), and blueprint stand (for creating new recipes).
  • Required items for blueprint stand vary depending on what you want to make. Airship recipe mats can be obtained from airship voyages, new recipes are unlocked as your airship rank increases, etc.
  • The basement workshop will cost less than 1 million gil.
  • No plans to increase capacity of company chest, but you will be able to access it from the workshop. So free companies should clean up their company chests in preparation. (YoshiP’s FC’s chest apparently still has a ton of pudding minions from WP in it.)
  • Crafters will gain new skills through leveling until 55; after that there are skills that you can only use as a Specialist.
  • Patch 3.1 and 3.2 will see improvements to the Wolves Den system. First, 3.1 will add matching based on points/rating. But there are bigger plans as well, such as season-based ranking that resets with each major patch. The highest ranked players will get special titles and items. Wants to end up with a similar system to LoL. This would probably be in patch 3.2.
  • There is actually an invisible light in front of the player character that lights them up, but this has been turned off for the Heavensward zones to add to the gothic atmosphere. You can turn it back on in the settings to return to the ARR atmosphere. Turning it off also changes how ARR zones will look.