The XIVAO collection is based on the five main body shapes and their characteristics. Ever since fashion gained importance in society there have been loads of attempts to create clothing suitable for a variety of women. As each woman has special proportions and needs a particular style to look perfectly dressed, XIVAO is the solution. Women’s bodies were always described with the following five categories:

X Shape
is the most feminine one. Shoulders and hips are wider than the waist.
I Shape
is the one with the fewest curves. There are less differences between shoulders, chest, waist and hip proportions.
V Shape
shows that the upper part of the body is wider than the underpart. Wide shoulders are the conspicuous characteristics.
A Shape
means that the upper part of the body is slimmer than the underparts. The most conspicuous parts here are the hips.
O Shape
has the most curves. In most cases there are undesired belly curves and a bigger bust size.

XIVAO is named after these shapes and the idea is to assist women to find ideal outfits for their unique bodies no matter what shape they have. Furthermore women will look even more fabulous due to the well-conceived clothes by XIVAO. So, the simple passion to make women feel fabulous in their own shape, is the main goal of the designers of XIVAO.