xiuxiu meitu


Since you guys have been asking about the apps that I use, I made a blog post about my favorite photography apps. Most of the apps that I’ve been using aren’t quite popular, so enjoy these not so mainstream apps i’m gonna share with you. ✨

• Snow - Snow is an app similar to snapchat. It’s 9999x more ~ kawaii ~ tho. Really perfect for selfies and group photos. It’s like pomelo cam + snapchat.

• Picsart - okay, this one’s pretty mainstream. But this is my favorite app when it comes to making minimal changes on photos such as cropping, sharpening, adding some blurry effects, etcetera. And I could also use this for some pretty hard edits such as double exposure and photo manipulations. I also use this app for making banners and blog post titles.

• Meitu - This is my go-to app when it comes to aesthetic. I’ll definitely choose this app over vscocam and other apps that most of the bloggers commonly use. I don’t know, I just love every feature of this app. Love love love the filtersss. and I also love this app’s new feature that turns your selfie into a hand drawn painting. (which i think looks very anime-ish. very kawaii~ )

• Meipai - This one’s a video editing app that’s also made by the creators of meitu pic. In this app you can shoot 10 second videos and add a certain theme to it. I swear this app is too cute and you’ll enjoy making vids with this app.

• Polyvore - This is where I edit my ig pics!!!! this app isn’t actually made for collage making but who cares :—) I’m making the most out of this app haha. It’s so cute. all the elements that i’ve been putting in my pics were all from here. Go check it, it’s super cute and fun to use.

I hope that these apps will be useful for you, guys. And I hope that you’d enjoy them as much as I do!! Happy editing!!