larryjustfucked asked:

what does mean xiuharem pls?

Ah~ XiuHarem… such a beautiful thing.
Take a seat my dear friend because this is one long ass reply with a gif spam of beautiful XiuHarem moments.

XiuHarem, is what we call it when all the members of Exo are doting on and in love with Kim Minseok, aka Baozi (nickname), aka Xiumin (stage name).
Why you ask?

Let us meet Xiumin first to answer your question.
As the oldest member of EXO he is very kind, very VERY clean (like almost to the point of OCD clean) and tidy, cute, sexy, prankster, funny and dependable. Easy to approach and be friends with. Five minutes into your first meeting with him you will feel a strong urge to love him and take care of him and protect him from everything bad in this world. He has that effect on everyone. He can’t help it.

*look at the beauty*

*the halo around his face suits him right?*

External image

*natural beauty*

*lets have a closer look at those beautiful eyes*
External image

*can you resist all his cuteness?*

*or all his sexiness?*

*that wink tho*

EXO as a group, and just like everyone else, fell for his natural charm. One look at the way they interact with him and you will feel the love and adoration. Here, let’s see some Xiuaharem moments.

Now let us introduce the members of the Harem individually shall we?

First we have Luhan (president of Xiumin fan club) who is, and I kid you not, addicted to Xiumin. No seriously, like he’s always hovering around, needs to have any form of closeness or physical contact. And let’s be honest he wants Minseok all to himself. We don’t mind much, precious XiuHan moments are important in one’s life.

*here we see the moment Luhan knew for sure he’s done for and completely whipped*

External image

*no really you can practically see his heart doing a flip when Minseok does the ‘you and me’ gesture*

*just see the way he looks at him*

*gazing again*
*Luhan always be touching*

*take a moment to appreciate the fact that Luhan LEANS into the touch*
*looking at baozi’s pics on his phone*
*posessive much?*


Kris. Our sweet giant charismatic galaxy who makes Xiumin look even more tiny. Doesn’t it just add to the kawaii factor? Again, XiuRis is precious.
*look at these goofballs*

*cute aren’t they?*


*back hugs are important*
*looking tiny next to Kris*

Also we have Suho. XiuHo is a harmless sweet heartwarming ship that we seriously need to see more of… They’re all about innocent interactions.


*Well, that’s until Suho tries to flirt..*

*just.. Let’s excuse the old man.*

Now Lay, sweet sweet innocent Lay. He is practically the president to the XiuHan fan club, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Xiumin too thus we have XiuLay.

*just look at them*



External image

*forever caring for Xiumin’s health*

*massaging but he has to be this close*

Baekhyun. XiuBaek is one of the cute ships. Watching them is like watching five year olds. Adorable carefree and just make you smile.

*look at them playing*

*baekhyun can be shy with Xiumin*

*but five year olds grow up and Baek can be a pervert*

*lying on top of him like it’s nothing*

We have Chen. XiuChen is important. Like very important. As the only two Koreans in Exo M (the half of Exo that promotes in China) they’ve formed quite a strong and beautiful bond. It’s always heartwarming to see them together.


*Xiumin cares deeply for Chen*

*they laugh together*

External image
External image

*do cool things together*

*um… Shaking the booty together*

*teasing and playing together*

Chanyeol our second giant, another person to make Xiumin look tiny. Now Chanyeol is originally a happy virus with a child’s heart and he’s very obedient to Xiumin. XiuYeol is simply beautiful.

*tiny looking Xiumin with giant Yeol*

*caring Xiumin and happy baby Yeol*

*XiuYeol being kids together*

*obedient Chanyeol only cares about what Xiumin thinks*

*but let’s be honest even Chanyeol wants a bite too*

Kyungsoo. One look at XiuSoo and your heart will explode with the amount of kawaii. Too squishy to handle.. they’re just too sweet.

*Kyungsoo quietly serenading ft shy Xiumin*

*back hug because even Xiumin can’t handle how squishy Kyungsoo is*

*double shot of kawaii*

Now let’s meet Tao, the third youngest of the three maknae line. And Xiumin has a very soft spot for maknae line. Let’s have some XiuTao love

*feeding Tao*

*hugging and snuggling Tao*
*and kissing(?) Tao*

Kai, our second youngest. Precious XiuKai needs a lot more moments tbqh. Kai is always ready to coo over Xiumin and just cuddle him and who doesn’t want to that? And like I said, Xiumin just dotes on the maknae line.

*huggles and gazes*

*making his way in between*

*can you believe that this is actually the oldest sitting between the youngest?*

*does not let MC help him up. That’s his job*

Sehun, the youngest, who is usually a brat but turns into baby cuddly toy when Xiumin is around. And like I said Xiumin dotes on the young ones.


*that glance*


And that, my friend was XiuHarem. Beautiful wasn’t it?

Maybe I got carried away. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry, not sorry ^^
Hope that answered your question~