EXO Chatting Relay Event - Xiumin

1. Hello~~~~~~~
2. I’m sorry that I am late

3. Yes I have eaten kk
4. Eat dinner at this hour??
5. Everyone, it’s just the beginning, my eyes are already hurting kk
6. The comments are going too fast kk
7. Recently I listen to ‘Devil’ (Note: Most probably Super Junior’s ‘Devil’)
8. Chicken
9. Ahhhhhhhh kkkkkkk I’m going crazy
10. If I call everyone’s name one by one, it will be ended by that time kk
11. As for bread, of course I would choose mocha bread kk
12. Everyone please be patient!! After finish movie filming, I will change my hairstyle!!
13. Eventhough I am shocked of everyone’s (questions), I will still coolly reply each one of you
14. Actually Gyeonnie is 16 years old
15. kkk So he’s not able to lose weight now kk
16. If he loses weight, he might look older
17. Are you calling me Liz??? After my movie filming ends, I will show you Legends kk
18. Everyone, to be honest for me to reply all of you one by one is somehow impossible kk
19. I’m getting closer with Seung Ho!!
20. I’m right here~~
21. Hanbok is nice… But it’s hot to wear it during  summer…
22. How to chill down during summer…. Think of Xiumin
23. Please be anticipated on Dome tour
24. I will never forget Xiu-fish this character
25. Tomorrow I am throwing the first pitch….. I’m nervous… k
26. Eventhough after several trials, I still can’t balance both of my hands
27. Would it be great if we hold an encore convert???
28. I also want to hold an encore concert…
29. To all the SAT students!!! Hope you can do well in SAT~~~~~~~~ Hwaiting!!
30. Kyakyakyaa I like Hulk kk
31. When it’s gag, it’s Byun Baekhyun k

32. I like ChabSsalDdok (Daifuku/찹쌀떡)
33. Way to release stress… is to work out like a crazy person kk
34. I like to work out with Jung Seok hyung kk
35. I tie the apple hair myself It’s my preference kk
36. SoMaekPa!! (Note: Beef+Beer Party)
37. My nickname back then when I was young was Last in Second Class (2반뚱띠)
38. When I act, I’m Kim Minseok
39. I’m 25 years and 5 months old
40. Reggae hair is difficult (to tie)…. It took a long time kk
41. My young sister won kk
42. I heard a lot of people said that I looked like my mother when I was young and now I look like my father
43. Among all EXO songs, I like Love Me Right the most!
44. My 2nd finger and 4th finger’s length are almost the same???
45. I might be changing my signature next year kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

46. Next time when I am born again, I will just become EXO-L
47. I’m Last in Second Class (2반뚱띠)
48. I like (something) hot (Note: I don’t know what’s the question :[)
49. On the plane, I put on lip balm and sleep
50. Please make a three-line poem with EXO-L (엑소엘)
51. I want to try white hair, mint hair and orange hair
52. I’m chatting right now while drinking coffee

53. I like spicy food!!
54. I tried Yeobddok before
55. 라뽀낑 (Note: A restaurant name)
56. Mapo Tofu
57. I also like Sichuan cuisine extra spicy hotpot
58. I like Elsa
56. Gyeonnie is just a kid
57. I am watching Bleach recently (Note: it’s an anime)
58. Recently Baekhyun is working very hard on working out!!! So I work out with him together
59. I can’t play baseball kk
60. I’m a typical 이과생 (science and professional majors like medical, math, IT, engineering etc. )
61. ChoPa!!!!!!! (Note: Chocolate Party)
62. As for webtoon, Noblesse(노블레스) only is the real thing
63. I want to go Barcelona to watch football match
64. EXiu-L (Note: When he was asked to give EXO-L a cute nickname)
65. I’m here

66. Composing music is a composer’s work kkk Creating lyrics is a lyricist’s work kkk
67. I have greed on songs
68. (Q: Do you have the intention to appear on 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’?) Very much
69. I work out when I have rest time
70. I like carrot cake
71. Way to keep holiness… You just have to like and love endlessly kk
72. Changminnie-hyung~~~~~~~~

73. I like the song 'Oh! My Goddess’ kk (Edit: It’s by Sung Si Kyung)
74. I’m here
75. Sung Si Kyung kk
76. Ah!!! I will set a cute nickname for EXO-L!!!
77. EXO-Elsa kkkk
78. My handphone background is EXO logo
79. I like Bingsu, milk bingsu
80. I’m not good in taking selca
81. 돔 북 기 (Note: It’s acronym of something, some fans assume it as 돔콘 복82. 근 기대해주세요: Please anticipate abs on Dome concert)
83. I like blueberries!!
84. I’m right here!!
85. kkkkk My eyes are turning into it round and round
86. Please help me EXO-Elsa
87. I’m here kkk
88. Ah… I hope I can just talk in words kk
89. Eye-ting (Note: instead of chatting)
90. EXO-L look the prettiest when they hold the silver light stick
91. Ah pretty~~
92. Half seasoning sauce, half fried
93. I’m not sick~ Please don’t worry~~
94. My footsteps will always calling for you k
95. I just like them all ^^
96. Chen listens my words very well
97. Who’s the most mischievious member…???
98. Baekhyun!!!!!!!!!!!
99. Everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
100. What should I say right now???
101. Bba~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
102. Yeom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~???
103. Everyone, thank you for making this chatting enjoyable for me ^^
104. This is fun kkk Even though my eyes hurt but it’s fun kkk
105. Me too, will always cheer for you!!
106. Everyone, you have worked hard today~
107. I love all of you, my EXO-Elsa ^^
108. So…. now everyone together!!
109. Bbayeom~~~~~~~~(Note: Cute way of saying Bye)

Translation cr. to ludeerbambi