xiumin snow

EXO Reaction to their really close friend showing up to the dorms dressed in as Santa  with a sack of presents for them on Xmas

(In a sleigh being pulled by horses with fake Rudolph noses) Admin A~

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*Forgets about everything and can’t stop looking at his presents* “IS this…. is this really for me!?”


“I need to keep it cool… no one needs to know how excited I am… I’m a cool guy, presents don’t get me. WHAT DID YOU BRING FOR ME?!”


*Won’t be able to close that mouth for the next seven days* “Christmas in summer…. this is the best”


*No one is more excited in the house than he is* “i PROMISE YOU I’VE BEEN A GOOD BOY! i SWEAR”


*He’s actually the “reindeer” helping you* “You didn’t see this coming, did you guys? I’m glad you liked it, now where are our cookies (and chicken)”


*Makes it snow* “Now, it’s a white Christmas. The best one ever!” *fights really heart against his urge of kissing you*


“Ahhhh… why is she wearing that sexy Santa costume… no.. this should be about the presents, not the dress!!”


“Are those horses…. supposed to be reindeer? They kind look like my cousins…” *Lu the deer, everyone*


“Life is pretty great right now" *Will sing carols the whole MONTH*


“I knew you had something going on… this is pretty great y/n. I really love how you manage to surprise me all the time” *Not sure if his heart is beating because of the surprise of because of you*


*Starts screaming and kinda gives a heart attack to the boys* “AHHHHH, GUYS!!! GUYS COME!!! SANTA IS HERE! OMG!!!! AHHHHH!”


“I’m happy and proud and so thankful… only you can take care of my boys as good as me!” *what he doesn’t know is that he was the sponsor for all those presents, except his xD*

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I picked up my old guitar
The confession that I couldn’t make and
the story I stubbornly swallowed
Revealing a song I’m about to tell you
(about) now. Just listen I’ll sing for you

I love you a lot but my awkward pride in
those words “I love you” doesn’t allow me to (tell you)
Today I will gather all my courage and tell
you so listen to it calmly, I’ll sing for you

The way you cry the way you smile how
much it means to me
The words I wanted to say the words I
missed the chance to say
I will confess so just listen I’ll sing for you
Just smile at least once

It’s a funny thing right? To me there’s only you
But sometimes I can’t say anything more like a stranger
Actually in your arms and brushing your
hair (with my fingers)

I’m saying I want to be embraced
The way you cry the way you smile how
much it means to me

The words that I regretted when I look

I will apologize so listen I’ll sing for you
Just act like nothing happened
I’m really thankful that I have you

The gift that god gave me
When today is over I might become awkward again

But today by all means
I want to say this word so just listen

The way you cry the way you smile how much it means to me
The words I wanted to say the words I missed the chance to say
I will confess, it may be a little awkward
but just listen I’Il sing for you

Just listen I’ll sing for you

— (via mellolute)

Imagining EXO as - Disney Princesses
  • Xiumin: Snow White; cleans literally everything, oldest disney princess, palest skin ever omg
  • Luhan: Merida; always seems to be on the bolder side, not afraid to take a chance and maybe be a it rebellious, very competitive and athletic
  • Kris: Mulan; self-relaint, free-spirited, fierce, clumsy (at the beginning of the film), persistent
  • Suho: Belle; very intelligent and sophisticated, actively imaginative, tries to handle things peacefully and logically
  • Lay: Pocahontas; dances to own drumbeat, free-spirited, appreciative of the little things, spiritually stable
  • Baekhyun: Aurora; gifted with a beautiful voice, a little saucy, dramatic AF, dreamer, naturally beautiful
  • Chen: Jasmine; can be very sassy and seductive, adventurous, outgoing even with new people, very compassionate
  • Chanyeol: Cinderella; optimistic and hard working even in the toughest of times, somehow is able to slip in a sassy remark when least expected
  • D.O.: Tiana; hard-working, serious and slightly stoic, ambitious, cooks all the time everyday
  • Tao: Rapunzel; hair is literally on point all the time but seems hard to manage, seems scared of the most harmless things, literally threatens everyone with a frying pan
  • Kai: Ariel; strongly passionate, selfless, compassionate, has a slight temper, intuitive, graceful
  • Sehun: Anna; persistent, headstrong, free-spirited, has questionable behavior, tries to look as cool as possible, kind of awkward