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mama era : childish superpower themed group who are shy and squishy adorable

Growl, XOXO and Wolf Era : finally confessed to their girl and became over protective boyfriends who will do anything to who harms their girl

Overdose era : men who are addicted to a girl and basically overdosed to it but it get a little bit sexier and super mature

Call Me Baby & Love Me Right : they are now grown men who are telling their girl to call him “baby” and became sexier than before and super duper matured

Monster,Lucky One & Lotto: grown men that doesn’t take “no” as an answer, and now they’re super sexy–


Vogue article for Sehun’s birthday. 

“Hitting several milestones this year by turning heads during Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 show in Paris and making an appearance on April’s cover of Korean Vogue, Sehun seems poised for greatness, a fact his fans appear to agree.”