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mama era : childish superpower themed group who are shy and squishy adorable

Growl, XOXO and Wolf Era : finally confessed to their girl and became over protective boyfriends who will do anything to who harms their girl

Overdose era : men who are addicted to a girl and basically overdosed to it but it get a little bit sexier and super mature

Call Me Baby & Love Me Right : they are now grown men who are telling their girl to call him “baby” and became sexier than before and super duper matured

Monster,Lucky One & Lotto: grown men that doesn’t take “no” as an answer, and now they’re super sexy–

170720 MnetMcountdown Twitter Update: #엠카 하면 #최초공개! 그리고 팬 분들과 만나는 #미니팬미팅~이죠!! #EXO #팬미팅 당.연.히 준비 되어 있습니다! 내 눈과 귀, 마음이 정화되는 시간! #엠카운트다운~과 함께라면 OK! #엑소 #KoKoBop 최초공개까지! 쭉~함께하세요
On today’s #MCountdown, we will be revealing the first stages of our boys, they have promised us a stage of overwheliming charisma!! Today evening at 6PM KST!! First reveal at #MCountdown! Also, there will be the fan-meeting session that everyone is anticipating for of course~ ! Be sure to be prepared for #EXO #Fanmeeting. Time to revitalize your eyes, ears and heart! Along with #MCountdown OK! #exo #Kokobop first reveal! Stay Tuned

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
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