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Exo as Classic songs

Yixing:   Pretty Little Rave Girl - DJ S3RL

Chanyeol:   Get Crunk -  Brokencyde

Baekhyun:  Candyland - Blood On The Dance Floor

Kyungsoo:  Talk Shit -  Millionaires

Sehun:  Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives -  Jeffree Star

Kai:  I Move It -  Millionaires

Xiumin:  Fer Sure -  The Medic Droid

Chen:  DAMN -  Scene Kidz ft Brokencyde

Suho:   Bewitched -  Blood On The Dance Floor

Hey guys! So my sister wants to sell these Exo merch that she doesn’t wear anymore. It’s all good quality

The shirt has been open from its packaging 2 years ago but it’s in good shape. The back where it says ‘Chanyeol’ is fading but it’s managable. It’s a size M. The white is a bit faded and it’s a creme-ish white color now. It’s been worn once.

The snapback has never been worn. It’s clean but it has all 12 members from the Wolf era so idk if you guys will want it.

If you guys are interested in purchasing these, please message me or email me @ chanmilee8@gmail.com. Thank you!


Sticker sheets are officially here! Will be available at the EXOrDIUM in NJ concert on April 25. Today is the LAST DAY to pre-order a goodie bag for yourself! Form closes at 10 PM EST so make sure to get one before its too late! Pre-orders will also receive a free CBX Sticker Set!

Extra note: Recently I’ve been receiving messages about not being able to pay through paypal. If you are interested in buying, I do know that Google Wallet and Stripe are alternative. So please direct message me if you would like one but need another way of payment. 

EXO Goodie Bag Pre-Order Form

EXO Goodie Bag Design Samples and FAQ

EXO M Next Door Part 2
  • Xiumin: What?? How did you get back in my house? Why are you in my bedroom?!
  • Luhan: Oh, my mom gave me a key and sent me over here to clean
  • Chen: Really? Because it looks like you're just stuffing your pockets with Minseok's underwear.
  • Luhan: There was... a bug.
  • Xiumin: Sure there was. Get out of our house.
  • Lay: Xiumin!! Why are you being mean to this sweet girl! She's clearly helping us. And look, her apron has my face on it.
  • Luhan: Yeah, I didn't want to get any of my Xiumin merch dirty.
  • Lay: You're so precious.
  • Xiumin: Leave or I'll call the cops
  • Luhan: But... but... -bursts into tears and runs out of the house-
  • -later-
  • Lay: But seriously how could he do that to her! She is so pure and Xiumin is so cruel!
  • Chen: If she's so pure why is she watching us from her bedroom window with binoculars?
  • Lay: Oh, she must really like us! How adorable!
  • Chen: Hey, let's mess with her. Let's do something really crazy. Like, I don't know... off the top of my head... make out?
  • Lay: Sure why not
  • Luhan: -watching- Woah, nice. Why is the window on the bathroom frosted, though? I know Xiumin is showering. Stupid frosted window. Ruining my life.
  • Lay: Do you think we freaked her out?
  • Chen: Freaked who out?
  • Lay: The girl? Watching us?
  • Chen: What girl? You have really pretty lips. Let's kiss more.
  • Lay: Aw, she's not watching anymore. I'm going to go make dinner.
  • Chen: Nooooo
  • Kris: -kicks down the haphazardly reattached door- I WAS TOLD I WOULD GET TO TALK TO SUHO IF I APPEARED IN THIS AWFUL SHOW
  • Director: We're working on it, Mr. Wu. He is currently being stubborn about visiting the set.
  • Kris: But I made him this macaroni necklace and wrote him a song
  • Director: That's very nice, but you're not in this scene.
  • Kris: Oh. Yeah. Sorry.
Selling some of my kpop merch!

I am selling most of my kpop merch most of them are brand new and never even opened.

I am selling them all very cheep since i need some extra money.(sorry for bad phoyos i have crappy phone if you want i can take more photos and send you as photoproof)

If you are interested in anything send me msg here on tumblr or my email tasataka@gmail.com

-Exo K mama photocard,Type A,Korean press and First print.

-Exo K Sehun MiD photocard,Korean press and First Print

-Exo M Xiumin MiD photocard,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Growl album,Korean press and first print

-Exo M MAMA album,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M Xiumin mam photocard,growl photocard and Overdose photocard,korean press and first print

-Exo M Overdose album,Korean print and first print

-Exo M Xiumin Growl photocard,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M MiD album,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Xiumin XOXO photocard,Korean ress and first print

-Exo XOXO photocards(Suho,Sehun,Chen and d.o)

-Exo XOXO photocards(Tao,Baekhyun,Xiumin and Chanyeol)

-Exo XOXO photocards (Lay,Kris,Luhan and Kai)

-Exo photocards from all eras

-Exo M Xiumin/Tao autographed photocard

Block B photocards(Seasong greetings 2012)-Only p.o,taeil,jaehyo and whole Block b photocard left

All merch on photos is up for sale so if you are interested send me msg.

Please don’t ask about merch that is not on photos because if i did have it they would be there and up for sale.

Look at the cute.

Korean EXO fanartist Sanha is finally opening orders for her own merchandise - Xiumin mug and Xiuhan mug.

I would love to help international fans (if anybody’s keen) since Sanha’s not too willing to ship out of here (due to crazy postage).

However, drop me a DM and we can see how to make it work. Even better, collate orders within your own country! :)