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Sticker sheets are officially here! Will be available at the EXOrDIUM in NJ concert on April 25. Today is the LAST DAY to pre-order a goodie bag for yourself! Form closes at 10 PM EST so make sure to get one before its too late! Pre-orders will also receive a free CBX Sticker Set!

Extra note: Recently I’ve been receiving messages about not being able to pay through paypal. If you are interested in buying, I do know that Google Wallet and Stripe are alternative. So please direct message me if you would like one but need another way of payment. 

EXO Goodie Bag Pre-Order Form

EXO Goodie Bag Design Samples and FAQ

Exo Reacts||Bf decked out in merch at their fansign

REQUESTED:Exo reacts to their bf showing up at their fansign decked in merch


Xiumin let out a cute giggle. You looked so adorable he couldn’t help but blush. He stared at you nearly the entire time, amused by everything. Later you would tease him for how red his cheeks were


Suho couldn’t stop giggling. The members noticed, shortly after they noticed why. They pointed you out saying you looked cute in their merch. Suho kept giggling and acting silly the entire time


Lay looked at you and sighed. now he finally understood why you kept sending him weird texts. LAter that night he joked about how you stole everyone’s attention.


The minute Baek saw you, he called you out. The members and fans talked about how cute you were. You ended up getting so many compliments from fellow Baek fans.


Chen was angry. Not angry that you came, he was extremely happy you were there. he was angry that his cheeks were giving away his happiness. The members teased him. He kept saying it was hot


Chanyeol was bouncing around. He was even more hyper than usual. The sight of you in his merch was making his heart beat. He kept smiling and was even more playful. The fans were super happy also.


Kyungsoo didnt show any difference. he liked that you were there, but he dint have much of a reaction. When he got home later he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, talking about how hard he had to try and not blush


Kai couldn’t help but get happy. He did his best to dance. He wanted to impress you. He felt the need to show off just because you were there. He thought it was cute to see your eager face in the crowd


Sehun scoffed at the sight. How dare you show up in complete Kai merch. Sehun rolled his eyes, his own boyfriend had betrayed him for Kai. Later he would push you against the wall and kiss you hard, showing you who you belong to



Can someone please move their ass to Beijing and stop me?
It will get worse when I can finally use my Taobao account (when I finally get payed, fuck my company tho)
Maybe I’m just so happy because everyone in Korea told me with a shocked face that they don’t sell Chinese music (chill it’s not a disease).
They sold Taos new single too, but I still have enough dignity to not pay 79RMB for one song.


EXO Planet #2: The EXO’luXion - Xiumin Passenger Kit

+ Includes boarding pass, passport book (note book with blank and lined sheets), pin set, rubber stamp and a carrying case

+ Other Versions - Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Chanyeol | D.O | Tao | Kai | Sehun
+ More EXO Planet #2 Tour Merchandise - Here

Selling some of my kpop merch!

I am selling most of my kpop merch most of them are brand new and never even opened.

I am selling them all very cheep since i need some extra money.(sorry for bad phoyos i have crappy phone if you want i can take more photos and send you as photoproof)

If you are interested in anything send me msg here on tumblr or my email tasataka@gmail.com

-Exo K mama photocard,Type A,Korean press and First print.

-Exo K Sehun MiD photocard,Korean press and First Print

-Exo M Xiumin MiD photocard,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Growl album,Korean press and first print

-Exo M MAMA album,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M Xiumin mam photocard,growl photocard and Overdose photocard,korean press and first print

-Exo M Overdose album,Korean print and first print

-Exo M Xiumin Growl photocard,Korean press and frist print

-Exo M MiD album,Korean press and First print

-Exo M Xiumin XOXO photocard,Korean ress and first print

-Exo XOXO photocards(Suho,Sehun,Chen and d.o)

-Exo XOXO photocards(Tao,Baekhyun,Xiumin and Chanyeol)

-Exo XOXO photocards (Lay,Kris,Luhan and Kai)

-Exo photocards from all eras

-Exo M Xiumin/Tao autographed photocard

Block B photocards(Seasong greetings 2012)-Only p.o,taeil,jaehyo and whole Block b photocard left

All merch on photos is up for sale so if you are interested send me msg.

Please don’t ask about merch that is not on photos because if i did have it they would be there and up for sale.

EXO Planet #3: The EXO’rDIUM - Xiumin DVD Postcard

+ Comes as a set of 9 with the EXO’rDIUM in Seoul DVD
+ Backs are solid white

+ More EXO’rDIUM DVD photocards - Here
+ More Xiumin postcards - Here
+ DVD Versions - In Seoul | In Japan

Look at the cute.

Korean EXO fanartist Sanha is finally opening orders for her own merchandise - Xiumin mug and Xiuhan mug.

I would love to help international fans (if anybody’s keen) since Sanha’s not too willing to ship out of here (due to crazy postage).

However, drop me a DM and we can see how to make it work. Even better, collate orders within your own country! :)