xiumin frost

ok so im just gonna dump that magical boy vigilante nct/exo thing right here and its not really a whole thing yet,,,more like SOME ideas,,,,,yeah

-so my main idea was that nct members are the prodigy of exo members

-meaning suho’s water power is passed down to taeyong,,,, and suho teaches him how to control it also they both have a magical like tattoo that activates their powers and i was thinking the symbol of a water lily would work well like on their wrists or something

-doyoung is chanyeol’s prodigy and their symbol is the phoenix which is tattooed on their back and whenever they’re like talking they both always do the little trick where they set a flame on the tip of their finger to scare some of the other members gkfldjfs

-baekhyun trying to get taeil to be more open and use the light power that glows around their heads like a halo to do silly things but taeil is like,,, shouldnt i save my powers??? to like save people??? and baekhyun is like please have some fun u child and taeil is like,,,, you’re not that much older than me,,,,, anyway they’re cute their tattoo is a small sun that glows on their forehead when their power is activated

-kyungsoo teaches haechan how to control his strength but tbh kyungsoo doesn’t even have to do much haechan is pretty naturally gifted at it except that everytime he pats someone on the back they practically go flying across the room ,,,,their symbol is the roots of a tree that wrap around their leg 

-kais teleportation gets passed onto sicheng and they’re both so laid back that kai just kinda levitates a bit and tells sicheng to do his own thing which one hundred percent means teleporting behind taeil to shock him but also hanging upside down and feeling the nice breeze,,,,,their symbol is two moons overlapping behind their ear

-sehun has yuta and their wind powers are used mostly for weather control but also they’re two big children who like making mini tornados and just sending them around to wreck the other members rooms or training their symbol is the compass on their ankle 

-xiumins frost is handed down to mark who doesn’t really get the appeal until xiumin shows him that he could basically freeze an entire lake over just by touching it klfdf also that one time mark touched the back of doyoung’s hair and ended up forming icicles on the back of his neck,,,, that when they fell almost gave doyoung a heart attack. the tattoo is the snowflake on their hip

-lay’s healing is something jaehyun at first isn’t all that interested but because his hands are big lay shows him how he can focus his power into the palm and heal any kind of wound or sickness and jaehyun thinks that’s really cool,,,,,but he gets annoyed when the members bug him to heal every little scratch lol their symbol is the caduceus on their palm 

-chen teaches johnny about thunder power and is really cheeky because he’s like tEcHnically we can also control electricity and chen is like look activate ur power and touch taeyong so johnny does and taeyong is like OW u zapped me and johnny grins like ok this,,,,,this is a good power. their symbol is the lightning bolt on the side of the neck 

-bonus tao teaching ten how to time warp and basically travel across dimensions and ten always freezing him mid sentence just to have tao break it and be like ten focus you are my disciple and ten is like sure uhuh do u think i can go back an hour and eat that ice cream again- ,,, their symbol is the hourglass tattooed on their forearm 

-they all train on the beaches of hawaii,,,,,,taeyong and suho near the water with flowers in their hair,,,,,,kai and sicheng levitating above the sand,,,,almost up near the clouds,,,,,,,baekhyun and taeil at the top of a beautiful mountain peak,,,,,chen and johnny on the boardwalk 

-everyone is in loose fighting shirts,,,,flowers,,,,their familiars are sea creatures or the many pretty island birds,,,,,, butterflies that appear around lay and jaehyun,,,

-idk but im thinking there’s a reason a group of bandits is after you like,,,maybe you hold the key to these super powers in a locket you wear and the bandits have stolen it but need your fingerprint to open it and therefore you have to choose one of the above members and prodigy to protect you

-and i get it this is corny but listen it’d,,,,make a good story @sm do u see this contact me for more ideas 


The water flows and then freezes. 

The air cracks with lightning and rolls with thunder. 

The fire spreads throughout the earth. 

But you are still my light.

Exo!wolf au

Hi kittens! So as you all may or may not know I am doing an EXO!wolf au fic with my friend Silver Wolf (She wishes to be unnamed so she shall be referred to as Silver Wolf please and thank you!). So anyways this post is to just sorta add on to the stories. It is the boy’s appearances in our story as well as their wolf forms! I hope you all like! Also, MY REQUEST BOX IS OPEN!!

Suho: Alpha; Water powers

Kyungsoo: Beta; Earth powers

Xiumin- Elder/Sentinel; Frost

Lay- Medic; Healing

Kris- Warrior/Assassin; Flight

Baekhyun- Warrior; Light

Tao- Warrior/Omega; Time control

Kai- Lead Hunter; Teleportation

Chen- Hunter; Lightning

Sehun- Hunter; Wind

Luhan- Lead Scout; Telepathy

Chanyeol- Scout; Fire

And here is the link to the fanfic! http://real-bad-wolf.tumblr.com/post/133365804192/exo-wolfau-fanfic
Exo Reaction when a child ask them to show their superpower.

Omg this actually so cute!



*blows the kids mind away*
(ya sorry I had to XD)



*brings the kid on a little adventure*


(Time Control)

*can’t really figure out how to show him so he just slows time and runs away*



*gets all squishy not wanting to let the child down, but not wanting to cause any harm to anyone*



*cuteness overload from one child to the next*



*he shows the kid his powers, but blacks out half the city and get in trouble by you*
“WhY? It was his fault!! I couldn’t say no!”



*Queen af*
“Look around you son, this light is all mine”



*heals a plant amazing the kid*



*Can’t say no, so he makes it rain*



*Takes the kid to the galaxy*



*The kid drops his teddy bear and he gives it back using his power*



*The kid ask for his power and he tells him to wait till the weather get cold and the snow falls*
“Then you’ll see my power, everywhere”

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EXO M Next Door Part 2
  • Xiumin: What?? How did you get back in my house? Why are you in my bedroom?!
  • Luhan: Oh, my mom gave me a key and sent me over here to clean
  • Chen: Really? Because it looks like you're just stuffing your pockets with Minseok's underwear.
  • Luhan: There was... a bug.
  • Xiumin: Sure there was. Get out of our house.
  • Lay: Xiumin!! Why are you being mean to this sweet girl! She's clearly helping us. And look, her apron has my face on it.
  • Luhan: Yeah, I didn't want to get any of my Xiumin merch dirty.
  • Lay: You're so precious.
  • Xiumin: Leave or I'll call the cops
  • Luhan: But... but... -bursts into tears and runs out of the house-
  • -later-
  • Lay: But seriously how could he do that to her! She is so pure and Xiumin is so cruel!
  • Chen: If she's so pure why is she watching us from her bedroom window with binoculars?
  • Lay: Oh, she must really like us! How adorable!
  • Chen: Hey, let's mess with her. Let's do something really crazy. Like, I don't know... off the top of my head... make out?
  • Lay: Sure why not
  • Luhan: -watching- Woah, nice. Why is the window on the bathroom frosted, though? I know Xiumin is showering. Stupid frosted window. Ruining my life.
  • Lay: Do you think we freaked her out?
  • Chen: Freaked who out?
  • Lay: The girl? Watching us?
  • Chen: What girl? You have really pretty lips. Let's kiss more.
  • Lay: Aw, she's not watching anymore. I'm going to go make dinner.
  • Chen: Nooooo
  • Kris: -kicks down the haphazardly reattached door- I WAS TOLD I WOULD GET TO TALK TO SUHO IF I APPEARED IN THIS AWFUL SHOW
  • Director: We're working on it, Mr. Wu. He is currently being stubborn about visiting the set.
  • Kris: But I made him this macaroni necklace and wrote him a song
  • Director: That's very nice, but you're not in this scene.
  • Kris: Oh. Yeah. Sorry.
EXO reaction to their g/f having opposite powers

–Since I got two power related requests, I’m posting them together. Here is their child having their power. I was going to put them together but it would have been too long.–

–Also, I based most of these off Pokemon types so… lol If you’re curious why I picked what I picked, feel free to ask–


D.O- Earth: Water

D.O: I get it, Y/n. You beat me. You can stop splashing me now. *you tease him every time he uses his power by washing it away*

Kai- Teleportation: Freeze Object/Person

Kai: So, y/n, you can freeze me… What are you going to do to me ;) *just starts making dirty jokes every time you use your power*

Baekhyun- Light: Darkness *blocks out light*

Baekhyun: Okay, I get that you make it dark, but that’s just with your personality. What’s your actual power? *bitter that his power loses to yours so he gets all bitchy*

Chen- Lightning: Earth

Chen: *after you tease him for having a power that beats his* I don’t even want to talk to you right now. You are as low as dirt.

Lay- Healing: Death

Lay: Y/n, you don’t have to demonstrate! I believe you! How does this cute thing have such a dangerous power?? *worries about dealing with this later on*

Suho- Water: Lightning

Suho: That’s my girl! She’s got an awesome superpower~ Proud of you, honey! *becomes your biggest fan*

Tao- Time Control: Speed *not affected by time control*

Tao: As if your power is that great. *scoffs* Just because mine doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean yours is better. You have to use your head, y/n. How can that be better than mine?

Chanyeol- Flame/Fire: Water

Chanyeol: Oh my god. Y/n, we’re the ultimate duo! We’re perfect for each other!

Sehun- Wind: Earth

Sehun: Oh no~ Y/N power is better than mine. Whatever shall I do? *sarcasm do thick you’re going to drown*

Kris- Flight: Lightning

Kris: *after you tease him that you’re better* You just want to see me cry, don’t you? Well you didn’t think of something. You can’t use your power if you come with me. *just picks you up and wins*

Luhan- Telepathy: Strength  (ft. Chen)

Luhan: I can’t believe this. This isn’t happening. I’m never going to live this down. You know, y/n, I’m usually very manly. Strength isn’t all there is to a man.

Chen in the background:

Xiumin- Frost: Fire

Xiumin: You going to heat things up between us, y/n? You know opposites attract.

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