xiumin feels are at an all time high

EXO Reaction to their S/O being an ASMRtist

If you guys don’t know what ASMR is, click here. She’s my fav ASMR channel. :3 Xoxo, Admin A~

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*Pouting the whole day* “Why can’t I make videos with you? I promise I’ll behave!! I’ll be quiet… jagi pleaseeeeee~”


*Never misses any of your videos* “Ahh baobei… you always know how to calm me down”


*He would get lost in your videos… in a good… or bad way… you decide*


*All he needs to be bale to sleep, is listen to his baobei’s soft voice*


“Wha… what is this that I feel on my neck… what are you doing to me jagi… is this witchcraft?” *In trance XD*


*He’s always spying on you when you record* “Woha…. this one sounds so good… she’s so talented…”


“Jagi… what if… we do… some.. ASMR togehter…” *Naughty Byun*


“What happened? No… no I didn’t fall asleep while listening to your new kitten asmr video… no… I haven’t even watched it… no..” *So in for your kitten ASMR videos*


*Feels so high with your voice and those tinkles* “This is… like heaven…”


*He actually listen to ASMR instead of listening to music…. why you think he is so calm all the time? xD*


*Had never heard of ASMR* “WOAH! Baobei… this is… amazing! I’ve never felt this before…. it’s like a whole new universe!!”


*LEt’s say… ASMR does something very…. strange… to Mr. Suho*

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Exo reaction when their gf is in high school


*dramatic af*
“your so young”

(y/n): “your only a few years older”

Sehun: “Your so young!”


“wait wait.. your in high school… but you look 20?!”


“stop doing homework and play with me”


*makes you study*
“I won’t make your favorite meal unless you pass that test”


“Let’s study jagi”
*actually impossible to study with this giant*


*doesn’t know what to do when you out smart*
“well… shit”


*waiting till you finish your homework*
“(y/nnn)~ when are you gonna finish.. I’m Bored”


“oh high school… i remember ‘those’ days”
*flash back moment*


*cheers you on all the time through ever hard ship and great at giving motivational speeches*


*appears at your school (looking hella fine) and picks you up everyday*


*appears at your all-girl school and gets mistaken as a student*
“*sighs* everytime”


*just shrugs when you tell him*
“age doesn’t matter to me”

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Chanyeol ran across the stage like five times and I can’t even believe how much energy he had like omg
Suho’s VOICE damn man how can he be yall’s least fav cuz he was sO good
Sehun is such a cutie potato like everyone was yelling bloody murder anytime he appeared on the screens
Chen’s high notes are illegal and I hate him and UGH SO HANDSOME s o handsome…..
Xiumin is SO HYPER ALL THE TIME like you’d think he was the youngest!!!??? Also illegal cuteness and over all pretty face it makes me so angry how can he be so perfect
Baekhyun’s piano solo made me cry he wasn’t as focused on dancing and playing around buT MAN his voice is so much more pleasant live than the recordings
D.O. Is so cute he literally THREW Chanyeol down to the ground with one GLARE. I feel so blessed it was so cute and Chanyeol asked him to dance if the pit took one step back and he ended up just shooting love at all of us and it was great

Exo Reactions To You Wanting To Take The Relationship To The Next Level & “Do It” For The First Time

It might make me seem lazy that I keep combining requests, but I feel like these are similar & It’s easier for me to keep up with everyone if I can do it this way. I hope you guys like it anyway xo

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Baekhyun: “Come & get it.”

Chanyeol: “You… Really? With me?” *blushes*

Chen: “Fuck yaaasss.” /I totally don’t use this gif all the time or anything/

D.O.: “Sorry, what? Did you just…”

Kai: *happy dance but then he turns into a little kid & starts giggling*

Kris: “It was only a matter of time.”

Lay: “Do it? Do what?”

Luhan: “Oh cool, just let me finish my yogurt.”

Sehun: *high fives everyone & gives cars away like Oprah*

Suho: “But what if I’m not ready for this?!”

Tao: “I don’t blame you. I’m pretty irresistible.”

Xiumin: “I’m going to blow your mind. BAM, pregnant. First try.” /feat. a very interested Lay/

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EXO Reaction meeting the girl they liked in high school after a total change (Alert)

Alright so… this one is a little difficult to make because bullying is something serious and I really don’t want to offend anyone, specially if you are living something like this. I won’t do it exactly as the anon requested because it’s really serious and I want to try my best and make you all feel better. I know how hard it can be by experience so I’m always here for you all. Love, Admin A~
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Chanyeol: He really liked you back then. He knew it was hard for you because girls didn’t like you were different and prettier so he never got close to you to save you from more troubles. But now he found you once again and can’t hide anymore that fact that he has been in love with you all this time. You were beautiful back then and now that you have more confidence you look even better.

Kris: It took him by surprise that you decided to change your hair and go on a diet. For him you have always been pretty and he liked you because you didn’t follow anyone. You were unique and you still are. He knows you had some struggles and it’s normal for wanting to change but he is now here to make you realize that you are perfect the way you are and you don’t need to change because others tell you too.

Sehun: He was in a store when he heard your name and looked up to see if it was really you. At first, he didn’t recognized you. You looked really good and smiled a lot, something you didn’t do back then. When he cuaght a better sight of you, he couldn’t believe it. Slowly he approached you and shyly asked you how you were doing. He wants to be closer to you again but he is scared you might think it’s only for your looks, after all he never said he always liked you.

Tao: “You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? I know how hard it was for you, I was always watching but I didn’t know what to do. I now know I was wrong and I wanted to apologize. You were all alone and I could’ve been of some help. And now you have changed because of all the horrible things they say and even if you look great I’m sure your heart is still wounded. Will you let me heal it?”

Kai: *Cries at the thought of your past* “How have you been Y/N? It’s been a long time. You remember me right? I gave you a love letter but you thought it was a joke… I don’t blame you, you didn’t trust anyone. I’m sorry… You are still beautiful tho and I see you chased your dreams. I’m glad you did…” *Hugs you for a long time* “I thought I’d never see you again”.

Xiumin: He knows how hard it is; he knows hoe lonely it can be; how broken you can feel. When he sees you he doesn’t say anything just runs to you and hugs you tight. You feel shocked as he does so but you don’t stop him. Somehow he gives you the warm feeling you’ve been looking for, all this time. “Now I’m here for you Y/N. Those years might be over but the memories aren’t gone. But I’m here to remind you how pretty you were back then and how beautiful you’ve become now”

Baekhyun: *You bump into the popular guy from your High School: Byun Baekhyun* “Y/N? Is this you?” *smiles* “Time has really passed huh? You seem surprised, of course I remember you. I had a crush on you back then, I thought you noticed because I was always trying to get closer… Yeah maybe you thought wrong, but I was always on your side, standing for you. Say, would you like to have some coffee with me? I really want to be part of your life again and make up for all these lost years” 

Luhan: He sees you in some Awards event and is really surprised by how much you’ve changed, how pretty you still looked and how successful you became. “You see the redhead over there?” *Talking to Xiumin* “We were together in High School. She was really quiet and people treated her wrongly for being a foreigner. But she has come this far and I’m so happy for her, I always knew she was special man. She still makes me smile whenever I see her”. *Lost in thoughts*

Chen: You never lost contact; in fact, you two were best friends. He has been with you through all the hard times and also the good ones. He never left your side and supported you no matter what. You liked him but you never thought he would actually like you back, so you never mentioned it. But he did like you, and still does. He didn’t say it back then because he knew you needed to love yourself first and realize what a beautiful girl you were and are. But now that you’ve become more secure, he decides to show his feelings and promise you that he will always be there for you.

Kyungsoo: You were always his secret love. He watched you from the distance and always cheered on you. Sometimes he even backed you up but you were never aware of it, you kinda thought he never cared for you. He did, but didn’t feel strong enough to protect you and that tortured him all his high school years. But now that he saw you again, he wants to tell you the truth but doesn’t know how. It still makes him sad, thinking how hard and horrible it was. But there’s also the fact that you still make his heart beat really fast and still feel the need to protect you. Even if it seems impossible and you don’t trust him at the beginning, he won’t give up this time.

Lay: *Lovely as always, feeling safe with him like in the old times* “You are still beautiful Y/N. You’ve been okay? How is your heart? Should I take care of it? Remember how I always stood by your side? I was so sad when I heard you transferred but I could understand, it was really hard for you. But I won’t let you go ever again. I’ll protect you better this time”

Suho: You see someone watching you form afar. When you realize it’s him, he is already in front of you, smiling like an angel. You don’t know what to do or say but it’s alright. He takes your both hands, kisses your forehead and says, “I finally found you Y/N. I thought something really bad happened to you. I haven’t forgotten you after all these years and I don’t think I can let you go again. I’ve been dreaming of this day for quite some time. You never let me tell you back then, how much I loved you. But I’ll protect you from now on so you don’t feel the need of leaving”