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Have you ever thought that XiuHan could be really real?

The way he looks at him

Since the first time

And the way him look at him

They always have dates, coffee dates, going shopping…

Luhan takes care too much

Luhan looked at Minseok worriedly after he saw him limping a little, and he made Minseok walk on the inside of the sidewalk, while Luhan walked on the outside (i.e. the side closer to the street where cars are passing by).

You know Ludyguard, right?

Even Minseok is more stronger than Luhan…

This happened one day during recording when Kris’s and Minseok’s body conditions were not so good. Minseok seemed to have been having a painful ache in his chest. When the recording was over, Luhan walked up to him and playfully hit Minseok’s chest, but Minseok fell down from his (standing) position and cried out badly (maybe because it was too hard to bear the pain).

Luhan felt so sorry he hugged Minseok (who was still on the floor) while apologizing repeatedly and he soothed him after that.

After the accident Luhan took care of Xiumin very carefully and kept Minseok by his side.

Xiumin does too, especially during predebut

Once, this female friend of Minseok’s went out to eat together with Xiumin and Luhan. Even though Minseok was busy eating, he would keep taking care of Luhan. With a motherly smile, if Luhan looked thirsty, Minseok would offer him water, then give him a handkerchief, and so on. This friend pictured them as a “mother bird, taking care of its baby bird very well”

XM: Do you wanna eat this?

LH: What’s this

XM: A kind of sweet food, tastes like sugar, [keeps explaining]

LH: 시러 (don’t wanna)

XM: How about this?

LH: What’s this

XM: Hmm it tastes a little bit salty [keeps explaining]

LH: 시러

(four times later)

XM: So you don’t wanna eat anything?
LH: 응응 (yes yes)
XM: Fine then. I’ll eat this.

And they stuck each other

Xiumin is reaaally close to Luhan. Usually, there is one cameraman per member for their reality show, but for Xiumin and Luhan, they only need one because they are always so close to each other. Even if the cameraman is recording just Luhan, Xiumin will still be in the same frame or vice versa.

Luhan and Xiumin are always together in the corner talking with each other.

Everytime they hug

And they really don’t care where they are

And they did this


and this

And that precious Die Jungs photos

And we saw Minseok wants to kiss Luhan


and this was really real, not angle

You know, Luhan doesn’t want someone in his bad, and can’t sleep with someone who drools

and Xiumin…

Notwithstanding we saw at Showtime, they slept together


he could sleep on sofa by himself, and maybe Kris would sleep with Minseok bc he’s the oldest one, but he slept with Minseok

And Xiumin doesn’t like it when people touch his face

but Luhan touchs

And holding hands

And here some jealous deer

When Xiu and Chen did fake kiss

And Yixing also supports them and helps Luhan

120705 Lay volunteers Luhan to help Xiumin show “kissing” during game

And bonus couple items


Luhan wears underware which given to Xiumin by a fansite