Baekhyun loving Oh Sehun's shoulder..

Cutie Baek

Sehun’s wide shoulders bring him comfort.  

Baby Baek leans on his shoulder to kiss Sehun’s neck

Sehun didn’t like that very much and scared Baek. kk

He’s Always claiming Sehun’s shoulder.

Fanservice?? Nope..

Even with masks on not on set/stage he still claims Sehun’s shoulder..

And we can’t ignore the shoulder biting..

Sehun’s like.. wait, I’m talking.. lol.. 

Baek looks like he’s yearning for Sehun’s shoulder in the first pic..  

So we all know now.. who’s shoulder Sehun belongs to..




Wait.. What?

Jokes again! (Everybody be wantin a piece of Sehun’s shoulder.. Lol)

But clearly Sehun’s shoulder has been claimed by our Baekhyunie..

Even though Kai may want Sehun’s shoulder..

Or Xiumin

Baekhyun’s the winner or Sehun’s wide shoulders.

If you could switch positions with either Sehun on Baekhyun, which member would you trade places with???