#2YearsWithXiumin - It’s been 2 years since Minseok’s first teaser with Kai was released and what a 2 years it has been. Minseok has grown in an amazing performer and an even more amazing person. Everyone believes 2014 will be the real year for him to shine, and I believe so too. I look forward this this next year with him as well as many years to come. He’s worked so hard to be where he is right now and none of it has been in vain. I’m so proud of him. It’s been 2 wonderful, inspiring, motivational, and absolutely perfect years. Happy two years with Minseok my fellow Xiumin and EXO stans ♥


#3YearsWithXIUMIN ♥

From the shy moments, to the cute moments. From your precious moments, to your crazy moments. It has truly been a wonderful 3 years by your side. Kim Minseok, here’s to many more years to come with you. Always stay the precious, quiet, and perfect person that you are. I love you infinitely ♥