Hellooo lol i’ve made this blog like years ago but only started using for about more than 2 years? anyway, yea, i’ve been wanting to make one but i suck at editing and too lazy to think of an idea pfft ik sorry. and i finally made it dun dundun (look above^) ik the cutting is horrible rofl (and obviously, those are my ultimate biases). 

Anyway(pt.2), I want to thank all of you followers, those who followed since my reblogging days or since my heirs gifs days(lol) or since got7 debut days, or even yesterday to today. Learning photoshop while making gifs or edits is really fun, i never thought i would ever touch this program even though it’s on my computer lol and I get happy when ppl send me compliments haha i love you all

These blogs that make my dash beautiful full of my bbs;;; i’m following 99 blogs atm #powerof9, but I won’t list all. 

marktherapper, yoontaeny, got7virtues, taengtoro, tiffiana, jaebuming, jaebumssi, 2pmj, tuansandwich, got7-jb, tupiem, ggoh, dandyjinyoung, 1400hrs, my-j, marktuat, jackseonwang, ot9s, seul-g, gotsoshi, sexyhoneythighs, ohmy-goddess, markjestic, jackseons, bambeombaem-baem, markyien, choijaes, ivegot7, markjin, eventvr, got7, b2pmgg, telepany, itjuneos, cnbluemakesmehigh, minyuukk, krystals, kidjin, taecyonie, bastardfeels, yadongs, fanytastic09, taecyeon-1, he0t4kimtaeism, jiyeon-jjang, itsjaebeom, soshiplanet, beautifulgeneration, xiucon, kimjhyun, generationofnine, stepbystephwangtaekyeonie, taengisc, j7ckson, infinitytearstaec-yeon, woojuyu, foryourwish, wooso, wonderwatermelon, 2pmisthebest, hotwalkin, jimseung-dols, itsallabout2pm, oneday-everlasting.

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why hello there ;) it’s been a really long time since i’ve done a follow forever so I thought it give it another shot! it’s a way of showing you guys that i appreciate and really admire your blogs, right? ^^ thank you for making my tumblr experience so enjoyable (and i inconspicuously blame you cuties for my inability to get off this site) ♥

anyways! my dear, wonderful followers, if you see some blogs in my list that you are not already following, i highly recommend you check them out ;w; if you like my messy multifandom blog even a little, perhaps you’d like their blogs even more!

11220208 1lac 23ti 621407 absolutevhope andcygnus ashibal asoomatic atagorn b-ikuri blockbeats blueprincez boks boomimo btseoks buneys busyeo

chandoo chanpussy cherrrybum chickabiddy chinkyus chodingdino chorgasm creepingturtle darkyulate dbsj electroheart eteru eteru-art everydayhephap exollentinfinite

flowerjjangftw flyawaynini g-wh0re g-y-u gn-a h4nghoul haksuk hamstergyu heesex hellotherejessica hoaegi hongbinglebong hoyabear hypertone hyuker hyukstan

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♥ the favs ♥
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again, thank you so much for existing ^^ i wish you the happiest new year and hope things will always fall into place no matter how broken and messed up they seem!