xiuchen lol

  • Jongdae: *sends Minseok a selfie with an empty concert venue in the background*
  • Jongdae: Look, here's all the people who wants to fuck you.
  • Minseok: So why are YOU in the pic?
  • Jongdae: Get the fucking point I'm trying to be subtle here

Xiumin: Sehun, why haven’t you touched your veggies?
Chen: Sit up straight, Sehun.
Xiumin: I said no bubble tea.
Chen: Oh, by the way, Vivi can’t sleep in your room.
Sehun: *twitches*
*30 minutes later*
Chen: I can’t believe Sehun’s missing! Where could he be?
Xiumin: I’ll call the police!
Sehun: *Hiding behind the couch on the phone* Suho, they’re crazy!

My 14 year old sister: Wow, the straightest person in EXO is Xiumin, and he’s not even straight
Me: What do you mean
Sis: Chen
Sis: Luhan

Shit u right lil sis