What if exo just dropped their comeback randomly? Like it’s a normal Tuesday afternoon. You’ve just laid down for your nap or you’re just chilling at a coffee shop studying and all of the sudden you get the email for your YouTube account saying EXO’s mv just dropped so you click on it and it’s everything you want and more

Because the most beautiful things in life come unexpectedly

The New Ult Kpop Ship (apparently) :

So, this is actually going viral on twitter right now - the EXO-L x ARMY ship

Feel free to check out the comment thread which is pretty damn hilarious and mostly Armys and Aeris flirting with each other, lol

For instance :

It’s a pretty happening environment there so I suggest enjoying it while it lasts because I’m hella sure people are going to turn this into something very ugly by the next morning. ^.^

Also, don’t forget to reblog if your blog is kpop friendly and you do not believe in fanwars whatsoever. (don’t hate on this post. it’s pointless.)❤

Update: It has almost been half a year since this was posted and I think I should let my dear friends know that ‘army-l’ is not the ship’s name. Please use a different ship name for the EXO-L x ARMY ship. I’ve seen some use “exormy”. You could go for that or make something better but Army-L should not be used. It will hurt the feelings EXOls because that “L” at the end holds a huge significance to them. It’s dear to us. I hope you understand. Thank you. ♥