I MEAN GOD LOL I GUESS i wasn’t even planning on doing anything more than those doodles BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THESE SO I GUESS I CAN GIVE IT A SHOT

their clans got along well so they grew up together and were best friends as little kids, but then one day roxas disappeared and xion never knew why
she didn’t see him again until they were grown, and he had that huge scar on the left side of his face and was suddenly blind in that eye
he treats her coldly and pretends not to remember that they were once friends, and xion is hurt at first, but soon she really comes to enjoy teasing him and trying to guess where his scar came from
(the truth is roxas was scarred and blinded by a demoness when he was young, so the sages wouldn’t let him be xion’s friend anymore; xion later goes on to make a pact with the very same demoness that hurt him without even knowing, and roxas is too proud to tell her)

XIV Months (& then some)

Here is the author portion of my author-artist collab for @kh-worldsconnected with the inimitable Kett ( @xxcastingshadows ). It was a pleasure working with Kett, and I’m totally thrilled with our end product.

You can read this under the cut on Tumblr, or else on AO3 or FFN. The art can be viewed here and is 100% Kett’s (and also awesome).

Title: XIV Months (& then some)
SummaryShe marks passing time in months, not days, wonders if this is the way she’ll always feel, and if feelings were ever meant to seem so eternal.
Pairings: Xion (crushing on) Naminé, AkuRoku (secondary), SoRiku (if you squint and read between the lines a bit)
Word count: ~2400

I first saw you and it was August. My hair was too long and yours was two shades of the same sun-kissed white-blonde. You stood front and center on the first day of art class and spoke like you’d never been unsure of yourself.

One after another, words flowed from your mouth, introductions and instructions, and I was spellbound. Art was an elective, the whim of a high school senior with little sense of her own identity and even less a definite career path. But quite suddenly, it washed over me, the desire to succeed more than anything. Three years content as a wallflower, but that August I wanted to be noticed. Needed your eyes on me.

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Ashes In An Hourglass

Genre: friendship, PTSD angst
Rated: K
Characters: Axel, Roxas, Xion, Saix (mentions of BBS Lea & Isa)
Warnings: none
Status: drabble, complete

There was a certain time of day, when the late afternoon sun struck the top of the clock tower at just the right angle, that the city below them looked like it was on fire... 

My submission for the @kh-worldsconnected fan zine - make sure to go check out my collab partner, @xxrei42xx‘s amazing fanart right over here!!!

There was a certain time of day, when the late afternoon sun struck the top of the clock tower at just the right angle, that the city below them looked like it was on fire. 

It would sting a bit when the images hit him, tendrils of some half-forgotten nostalgia tickling at his mind. He could clearly see the rooftops of Twilight Town stretching out before him; a sight he’d seen every day for years. But sometimes, just sometimes, when he blinked against the setting sun, he would open his eyes back up and see a place lined with flowers instead of trolley tracks.

He would be younger then – impossibly so – and his heart would still be beating its phantom rhythm inside the hollow cage of his ribs. The shock of hair at his side would be rainy blue instead of golden blond or deepest black. The laughter would be softer, the eyes more mischievous.

“You’re such a dork, Lea…”

And then everything would be burning.

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You can’t have both. You have to chose.

and here’s my fic for the @kh-worldsconnected minibang!!!  my partner jolie @datpyrolady drew the most gorgeous companion piece for this fic, so go reblog it right away!!!!!!