Okay hey there okay first off this drawing is not mine! It belongs to who i think is ummm Hopes deleted it was cute okay! and second i am the same person who ships felix and bendy even though you asked this a week ago!

@xintetsu is the artist, let me give credit first.

Second: HOLY SHIT ITS BOOTLEG FELIX! IM. HOH. HOOOOOH. BLESSED IMAGE! This is so darling thank you for sending it my way, please try to add a link to the artist or mention them so they get credit next time! But yes thank you, my goodness this brightened my day.

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I have neither the time nor patience to make a fancy banner but i wanted to do one of these follow forever things anyways here are some good people i care about. They’re either friends, have great art, are great people, have the ultimate aesthetic, good blog, or a combination of these things


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xintetsu  asked:

Osomatsu-san for the fandom thing!


Favourite Female:  Flower Fairy was really cute….
Favourite Male: KARA
3 Other Favourite Characters:  Jyushi, Todo and Choro
3 OTPs:  Karabita, Jyushi and his girlfriend, Chibita and Flower Fairy
Funniest character:  Holy shit….they all make me laugh so bad…..but Oso can be really funny
Prettiest character: Totty! TOTTY!
Most Annoying Character: Who the heck is that man who Jyushi keeps hugging?? Who is he?? It bothers me that I Do Not Know
Most badass character: JYUSHI
Character I’d like as my BFF: Ichi….I want to pet cats with him
Female Character I’d Marry:  TOTOKO
Male Character I’d Marry: KARA!!!!!
Character I hate/dislike/least like:  I don’t hate anyone they are all losers but lovable losers

xintetsu  asked:

for the fandom thing: undertale???

Favourite Female: undyne undyne undyne undyne und
Favourite Male: papyrus tries his best
3 Other Favourite Characters: toriel, mettaton and alphys
3 OTPs: OOOOO papyton, alphyne, sansriel is cute too
Funniest character: tem. i can’t not love remixes with tem
Prettiest character: are you testing me??? mettaton
Most Annoying Character: oh my god monster kid
Most badass character: u n d y n e
Character I’d like as my BFF: paps!
Female Character I’d Marry: alphys <3
Male Character I’d Marry: i would be mettaton’s husband no doubt no hesitation
Character I hate/dislike/least like: ehh imma get dragged but- sans

tetsucabro replied to your post “is persona 3 any good bc im playing it like right now and i wanna know…”

yes but you need to destroy the disc before you get too invested. leave before it’s too late

xintetsu replied to your post “is persona 3 any good bc im playing it like right now and i wanna know…”

dude Persona 3 was one of the reasons i bought a PS2 and got back into gaming, honestly one of my favorite games EVER. i’m probably one of the few people who actually like P3 more than P4 (although P4 was great too) but this game is everything to me.

awwwwwwwfuck i feel like im gonna regret this lmao

xintetsu  asked:

heyyy happy halloween! just wanted to say that you look great (◕‿◕✿) *disappears into the night like a ghost*

Thank you so much aaah!! ;;v;; I hope you’re having a great halloween <33

also i love your art hhh