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EXO's Kris Suffering From Myocarditis? [UPDATED]

Rumors had be circulating around that health issues caused by intense schedule are part of the reason EXO’s Kris is suing SM Entertainment. Today, famous Chinese media site Sina has revealed Kris’ official body check up records. Kris had conducted a body check in Guangzhou on May 2 after ’12th Korean Musical Festival’. 

While additional checkups are currently underway for Kris, doctors have stated that Kris may possibly be suffering from Myocarditis due to higher than average creatine kinase and isozyme levels (see the 2 underlined & circled parts above). If the follow up examinations continue to show abnormal results, Kris will require specialist treatment and rest. For those who are not familiar with Myocarditis, it is an inflammatory heart condition which may cause chest pain, heart failure, or sudden death.

A former SM trainee (from 2004-2011) and friend of Kris, Song Byung Yang has also made a statement on WeiboAs a musician who spent 7 years in Korea, I can completely understand Kris’ decision and the dilemma he went through. As an old friend of his, it wasn’t easy seeing him struggle due to the severe mental stress and fatigue. Because his body couldn’t handle it, he even developed heart problems. Everyone, support and understand Kris. I hope that you show him even more kindness now. Yi Fan, I welcome you home.”

Song has also stated that he recently spoke with Kris on the phone who has expressed the tight schedule with only 3-4 hours of sleep causing him health issues, with a possibility of Myocarditis which collaborates with Sina reports. Song has written a letter (see above) to the media and signed it to confirm its validity.

[This news have also been confirmed by Chinese State Press Agency - Xinhua]

[UPDATE: EXOTICs start a movement + Tao spotted Singing & Crying in SM Building. Click here for the update.]


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