Naivie mameer

‘Mysterious mermaid’
▼Naivie mameer

Sign : Dorado

name : Naivie mameer

Land of dew and life

8 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Trollian ID : DreamingMermaid [DM]

God tier : Seer of Life

Typing Quirk : use emoticon (⊙_⊙) (◐0◐) (´◑~◑`) (<==Surprise situation)
—< 'sentences or dialogue’ <
Ex> ———–<awwwwwwwwwwww *GLUG* *GLUG* *GLUG* *GLUG* *GLUG*<

▼ancestors : Snugmama

▼dancestor : Magell mameer

?? Alternian Solar Sweeps
God tier : Rogue of Life

Pookie makara

▼Pookie makara

Sign : Capricornus

name : Pookie makara

Land of StarCandy and laughter

5 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Trollian ID : CapriciousMeteor [CM]

God tier : Thief of Rage

Typing Quirk : 

use emoticon  ;*D <;*3 >;*0 and so on.

If she have most like feel good, use #PoP hash tags. Always, her first words to the writes ‘PeEkAbOo! >;*O' 

She written longer of last sentence word. Ex> PoOkIE iS sO cUtEeEeEeEeEe. IsN’t ItTtTtTtTtTt? >;*D

▼ancestors : Novelera

▼dancestor : Pelusa makara

?? Alternian Solar Sweeps
God tier : Witch of Rage

Locmes netcle

▼Locmes netcle

Sign : Reticulum

name : Locmes netcle

Land of net and horizontality

9 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Trollian ID : CompactPersuasion [CP]

God tier : Rogue of Mind

Although, he is blind. It is not problem. He can see the world through smell. He likes break out altercation. Locmes say ‘I like the smell of an altercation!’ (Q. What is smell of an argument? A. I don’t know.) He lost an eye by Carrus. but, Locmes do not hate him. Rather to pity him.

Typing Quirk : he uses Key words hash tags.

Ex> come on. bro~ bro~ bro~? Listen to my words. #bro #listen

▼ancestors : The Mediator

▼dancestor : Darlon netcle

?? Alternian Solar Sweeps

God tier : Seer of Mind

Darlon is deaf. He can’t hear his voice. always talk out loud.  sometimes, He is used sign language. Darlon is geeky, but is a great mathematical genius. He says, 'all *he *hings of *his worl/ can be ex+resse/ as a -a*he-a*ical for-ula’.

Typing Quirk : p : +  m : -  t : *  d : /

Robium ampora

▼Robium ampora

Sign : Aquarius

Name : Robium ampora

Land of snowflake and lust

9 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Trollian ID : IllusionDissect [ID]

God tier : Maid of Hope

She likes to dissect something and likes making stuffed.
Mutant, Lowblood, Highblood, lusus. ALL. Without distinction.

▼ancestors : Anonimia

▼dancestor : Tethys ampora

?? Alternian Solar Sweeps
God tier : Mage of Hope

Miyato leijon

▼Miyato leijon

Sign : Leo

name : Miyato leijon

Land of desire and cube

8 Alternian Solar Sweeps

Trollian ID : NoisyFloccus [NF]

God tier : Page of Heart

Typing Quirk : use emoticon (^-ω-^) (^·ω·^) (^·o·^) (^._.^)/ (^·x·^) (^-人-^)
e = 3 / a = 33

▼ancestors : The Scarface

▼dancestor : Burmez leijon

?? Alternian Solar Sweeps
God tier : Thief of Heart

He is have lovesickness. He is very loving kids. so, He wished to be a human being. Mowing the horns, remove Typing Quirk. but, most of them ridicule at Burmez.