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So let me get this straight . . . You are not in support of a right to life? This bill only restricts abortions past the 5th month and even then has respect for situations on incest or rape. So what you are saying is that you are for killing fully formed fetuses.

First off, reading the bill, I don’t see the “respect” for situations of rape and incest that you say are there. What I see is the Texas Hospital Association and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposing the bill. What I see are concerns from medical officials that this bill is not based on scientific concerns and will increase risks to women’s health. What I see is a state that is ignoring many of the larger problems it faces to supposedly take a stand against the 1.3% of abortions that are performed after the 20th week of conception. What I see is claims of “protecting women” from abortion, when there’s a higher incidence of injury or death from childbirth than in abortion. Hell, plastic surgery is more dangerous and less necessary than abortion, yet there’s no effort to make that safer in Texas. So what I see is a governor who has stated his goal is to ban abortion completely and that this is the first step on his religious crusade, despite the fact that 63% of Texans oppose more abortions restrictions

And, really, let’s get down to it- you and I are both male. Neither of us has the slightest fucking right to tell women what to do with their bodies. I mean, you get that, right?

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I get that a lot of people - you included - are trumping up this "no one has the right" card with just about everything! What none of you seem to want to preserve are the rights to LIFE AND LIBERTY. I see so called liberal progressives hell bent on killing unborn children no matter what the argument, piling the pulpit with children to remove the rights of individuals to defend themselves, and all the while promoting how we need state welfare and more state control. GTFO.

Get… the fuck out… of my own blog?

That makes about as much sense as arguing that we need stronger laws to support people’s liberty by restricting their choices. I applaud you, sir, on your willful devotion to ignoring the inherent contradictions of your beliefs and your staunch support of the life of individuals up to the point they’re born. You know where the unfollow button is, feel free to go back to your corner of the internet.

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I never said I advocated any laws. What I can't believe is that people are protesting a law that says you CAN'T KILL FULLY FORMED FETUSES PAST 20 WEEKS OF LIFE! Do you have children?! Have you ever lost a child? Have you ever seen what a 5 month pregnancy looks like? Like I said - liberal progressives like you will stand on whatever argument you can to justify murdering children and then stand on the graves of murdered children to justify not being able to defend ones we do have!

“I never advocated any laws, I just argued in favor of a bill!” That would be making a law. Which you’re not advocating.

What I can’t believe is that people are supporting a law about medical facilities that medical professionals oppose and say would hurt the abilities of women to get health care and acting like this bill is solely about abortion. It’s like you don’t even want to listen to the arguments other people are making. Weird.

And you’re also make a really concerted effort here to argue with me that I’m strongly anti-gun, I think? That’s the only thing I can get from your non-sequiturs about defending children. But you’re the one spending a lot of time arguing in favor of laws that would limit the health choices of women while pretending to care about the lives of children that you then don’t care about providing for the health of the ones we do have. Because that would be a welfare state you claim you’re so opposed to, wouldn’t it? 

P.S. You unfollowed me already. It’s sad for you to come back to my blog specifically to argue with me, dude. So, to save us both the trouble, this is the last one I’m publishing from you. You’re not making any arguments that are convincing me, and you’re specifically ignoring what anyone else says, so why waste our time?

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I'm not a nerdy parent but I do know what I wish I had as a kid growing up with some nerdy tendencies. Be supportive of the things she loves and listen to her when she wants to talk to you about the things she passionate about, even if it bores you to death. Haha. Start her early, find some card games like Fluxx or simple mini games or something. Get her into Pokemon and stuff. Help her find clubs and friends and shops to meet people that like her stuff too! I'm sure you'll do great.

Some more advice:

 cinderlily replied to your postSo, I figured I’d ask a pro. I’m a single dad with a 6 year-old daughter. Suggestions on how to raise her into the ranks of proper nerd-dom?

Hmm. Start small. Books. BOOKS. BOOOOKS. Even in the worst of times, go to the library. Movie night? READ. Let her geeking out about something lead you. It might not be your geek but cherish it, you can share yours later. … Says the newish mom

 xineo replied to your postSo, I figured I’d ask a pro. I’m a single dad with a 6 year-old daughter. Suggestions on how to raise her into the ranks of proper nerd-dom?

Just show tell them the story behind the things you like and let them take it from there.

 hamstergal replied to your postSo, I figured I’d ask a pro. I’m a single dad with a 6 year-old daughter. Suggestions on how to raise her into the ranks of proper nerd-dom?

Nerd Mom of geeky kid, reporting. Make the good stuff available, and make sure the sprog sees you enjoying it - chances are they’ll want to give it a shot. Really, that’s it. :-D