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I might consider this instead even though it’s a long time to wait to see Nate but I think it’d be worth the wait heard he’s amazing with the fans ;)

He’s SO great! I went to the San Francisco con back in July and he actually sat with us at the decade dance that we got to go to. He actually chatted with our table for about 20 mins before he was whisked off. He’s so sweet and funny - his panel ended up being my favorite of the entire convention! He’s actually the reason I’m going to the one in April!

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A, R, & T :)

A: Im 14 going on 15 very soon :)

R: The last movie i watched was What to Expect When You're Expecting and it was really funny

T:I really love Zuko in atla his character grew so much and yeah also i love Rory from Doctor Who he just loved Amy so much and he he never thought he was good enough for her so he did everything he could to love her and protect her and then he realized she wouldve done anything for him too and that she loved him as much as he loved her and hes just such a good guy!

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I don’t want anyone to die off and then there’s Kol and I really hope they don’t bring him back and then kill him he kind comes in handy like Elijah too . I’m worried now I almost hope too that its one of the new cast members.

Yeah I’m really NOT getting attached to any of the new cast members since they almost always die (Lexi, Rose, Sage, Jules, uhm,…I know there are more) so I am hoping that Hayley and April are who she is talking about.
Also, if they bring Kol back to kill him…(same with Elijah) we are going to have a problem. But I have also heard that Matt Davis might be returning, who knows when (besides the premiere) I mean…ugh. Nothing is okay right now ha ha

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With the way the season is going so far I have a bad feeling it could be Matt

My *logical* thought is telling me Matt too (like you, the way the season is going…it makes sense) but I can’t imagine it being Matt because there are close to no humans left in the show. I am almost positive one Original will be dying this season. My only hope is that it won’t be a main cast member, but someone like April, or Hayley (or both) and hey…maybe Conner they may not be main cast, but right now they are parts of the story if that makes sense